What, no green eggs and ham?

Thankfully there was no green eggs and ham on the menu when pupils at Musselburgh’s Burgh Primary School joined a literary lunch to celebrate Reading is Braw, the local initiative to get children reading more.

Burgh Primary School dinner hall taken over by the cat in the hat x 3!
Burgh Primary School dinner hall taken over by the cat in the hat x 3!

lit lunch cats in hats fb thu glassCatering staff decided to treat the children to a special menu on the last day of term. Around 160 pupils tucked into Cat in the Hat Sandwiches, Matilda Paninis and Charlie and the Chocolate factory cakes. The literary lunch was a huge success thanks to Gillian, Sylvia and Mary who also made fantastic cats in hats.
Pupils from eight schools across Musselburgh, Wallyford and Whitecraig are taking part in Reading is Braw which has the support of East Lothian Council, Support from the Start and numerous local businesses which have stocked publicity posters and postcards.

The initiative will run until the week before the summer holidays when there will be a big celebration for children who have tried their best to practice reading out of school. Details of the celebration will be announced after the Easter holidays when pupils who have done well with their reading will receive lanyards to wear. The lanyards are designed to help spark conversations with each other and others in the community about the magic of reading.  

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