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Short articles on the how of encouraging reading. May be text, video or audio.

How to encourage a reluctant reader

We are two thirds of the way through our campaign and the children have been reading here,  there and everywhere. We’ve had children Dropping Everything and Reading, writers visiting and literary lunches. It would be silly to pretend however, that everyone has been bitten by the book bug. What if your child just isn’t in to it? What do you do? The Scottish Book Trust has some ideas on their blog. Have a read and if you’ve got a trick that works for you then please share in our comments section.

At the Reading is Braw communications nerve centre (so it’s my laptop on my kitchen table) we like to read on long bus journeys and the bedtime story has always been part of our routine. I know a family (naming no names) who set ‘reading traps’ with books and magazines for their children to stumble over in the loo or on the stairs or in the garden. It’s good to remember that not all reading has to be from a book and that the choice of reading material doesn’t have to be something you personally would take to a desert island. This is why my house is littered with tattered but treasured copies of the My Little Pony magazine and why our kitchen table chat is about cutie marks. I might be able to feel my brain cells rotting but she’s reading so that’s probably ok.

Happy reading.

Get Taylor Swift to promote reading to your kids

Children do better when they read more. Encouraging them to read boils down to this.

1. make sure they have lots they can choose to read

2. make sure they have time they can read

3. read to them until they are shooing you out of the room (NB they may do this subtly with their taste in music)

4. talk to them about reading.

5. stage a takeover of everything that isn’t reading until they have watched Taylor Swift talking about reading in this half hour video from Scholastic.

Only nine sleeps now until the big launch of Reading is Braw. Oh, who am I kidding, you’re all bopping away to Shake it Off now, aren’t you?