Hooray we are now up and running again. Click back soon for lots of photos on all of the fun stuff we have been doing….

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New ASDAN Assessment Policy

Example Access to Fair Assessment Policy
Statement of Assessment
• We aim to provide a variety of qualifications which provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential by the most appropriate and direct route.
• Our Assessment Policy is based on the concepts of equality, diversity, clarity, consistency and openness.
• We will endeavour to ensure that the assessment processes are implemented in a way which is fair and non-discriminatory.
Students are made aware of the existence of this policy and have open access to it. It can be found on the Ross High School internal server and also online at
All tutors are made aware of the contents and purpose of this policy.
This policy is reviewed annually and may be revised in response to feedback from students, tutors and external organisations.
What students can expect from us
• We aim to ensure that all assessment of work is carried out fairly and in keeping with the awarding body’s requirements.
• All portfolio-based work will be assessed fairly against the qualification standards and teachers involved will be fully trained.
• Internal assessments will be carried out fairly and according to awarding body instructions.
• Externally marked tests and exams will be according to the requirements of the awarding body.
Students can also expect:
• To be fully inducted onto a new course and given information that can be shared with parents and carers.
• Learning outcomes, performance criteria and other significant elements of learning and assessment to be made clear at the outset of the course and when assignments are set.
• To be given appropriate assessment opportunities during the course with feedback provided on the quality of the work.
• All work to be marked within 3 weeks of submission by the student.
• Where equivalents and exemptions can be applied, we will ensure this is pursued with the relevant awarding body.

Cheating and Plagiarism
A fair assessment of student’s work can only be made if that work is entirely the student’s own. Therefore students can expect an awarding body to be informed if:
• They are found guilty of copying, giving or sharing information or answers, unless part of a joint project
• They use an unauthorised aid during a test or examination
• They copy another student’s answers during a test or examination
• They talk during a test or examination.
All allegations of cheating and plagiarism will lead to a full investigation which will follow the guidance of the relevant awarding body.
If a student feels he/she has been wrongly accused of cheating or plagiarism, they should be referred to the Complaints Policy.

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Ross High Radio Show #1

Ross High Radio Show #1 by Rosshighschool on Mixcloud

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Great to have ASDAN and JMA page back up and running. Pupils have been extremely busy this year. Our S4s have just completed the PSHE short course and have achieved over 25 credits betweent them. Our brilliant S5s after completing the Silver Award last year have now gone on to work their way through the GOLD award with some brilliant pieces of work. Notably the school Rag Magazine this year which went on sale to help raise funds for our online Radio Station which we hope to get up and running. Our S3s have just recently moved onto a new History course where they are studying Greece and Rome in ancient times. FAB.

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Lots of work Done

Here are a few photos of lots of things we have been doing.

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John Muir Award October November

Our fine youngsters have been working away like trojans this year and are doing their bit around the school to keep it tidy. Here are a fwe photos of the crew tidying up the quad.

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The S4 ASDAN class have been working away great so far this term and they have already completed a unit of work based on Information Handling. Here are some photos of the kids in action.

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John Muir Explorers.

Here are a few of our John Muir trojans battling the seasons to pass the prestigous John Muir Award Explorer Course.

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Pupils came back from their long easter break and got straight to work on a new short course topic for ASDAN. The topic is related to PSHE and as a fitting start pupils had to bring in and print out photos of their primary school years and where they see themselves in the future. Each pupil was given a life path on the wall and covered it in pictures describing where they want to be in 30-40 years. A great visual advert for pupils getting ready to take the big step into what is known as LIFE after SCHOOL. EEeeek

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