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Festive Cheer

Sports Day and Queen’s Birthday Party

The department had a fab time today competing in lots of different races. We followed with our Queen’s 90th birthday celebration, burgers and ice cream and then our awards ceremony. We were joined by our helpers and volunteers for the year and parents and carers.


Bo’ness Trip

The whole department had a fab time at Bo’ness learning all about trains. What a great day!

Final Canoeing Outing of the School Year

The white class, Darren and Scott had a fab time at the lagoons yesterday. Everybody got a turn in the canoes and Scott had his first try in a coracle. a coracle is a traditional British boat and very easy to capsize. Scott managed to stay in, however two of his coaches didn’t. They got very wet!


Dougie the Drummer

The whole department had a great time yesterday when Dougie the drummer came to visit. We all had the opportunity to play drums, explore a didgeridoo, sing songs and explore other percussion.

If you’d like to find out more about Dougie’s great work and the experiences he can provide, take a look at his website.