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Sports Day and Queen’s Birthday Party

The department had a fab time today competing in lots of different races. We followed with our Queen’s 90th birthday celebration, burgers and ice cream and then our awards ceremony. We were joined by our helpers and volunteers for the year and parents and carers.


PE Fun!

Once a week, the pupils in the ASN department access the PE department and get some exercise. We have a variety of activities on each week to get our bodies moving and our hearts pumping.


Sensory Fun

Our sensory group have lots of fun exploring sights, sounds and textures in all sorts of inventive ways. Take a look at the group enjoying some music.


Pets as Therapy

We have been very lucky in the ASN department to have the lovely Katrina bring Ginny the dog in to work with us. Katrina and Ginny come in every Tuesday afternoon to help desensitise young people who are scared of dogs. Aiden used to be terrified of dogs, but now he walks Ginny by himself happily. Good work Aiden and Ginny!

Ginny’s other job is to be a reading buddy for reluctant readers. She’s clearly very talented!

Solar Eclipse

The whole department had an amazing experience today witnessing the solar eclipse. We had lots of different ways of seeing the sun so we didn’t damage our eyes. Charlie had made a very impressive viewer. We also used pinhole cameras and even colanders!

Red Room cooking curry

Red room made chicken curry, rice and naan bread to share with our visitors from the Hub. We all enjoyed eating it afterwards.