London-Paris Day 1 – Friday

IMG_6253Today we woke up really early and had to meet at Waverley Station at 6am. Everyone was really tired but rather excited. When everyone was at the station and accounted for, we said goodbye to our families and quickly got into our travel groups. After meeting with our travel groups we quickly marched to the platform for our train to Glasgow. Everyone was carrying their heavy backpacks but crammed onto the very warm train. The train journey to Glasgow was quick and it look less than an hour. While on the train we got given our art packs so we could start scrap booking. When we got off the train in Glasgow it was a relatively quick turn around to catch our train to London. We jumped on the train and got comfortable in our seats as we were on the train for 5 or 6 hours!



When we arrived in London it was only 12 o’clock in the afternoon and we still had a long day ahead. After getting off the train we headed to the underground to get a tube to South Kensington, where our hotel was located. We checked in at the Meininger and put our bags in a room for storage as we had to depart quickly to go for our tour at the Houses of Parliament.

We left the hotel and got back on the underground to head out for some lunch. We got off near London Bridge so we could walk over and see the sights along the Thames. We then got to Borough Market where we had the chance to go and explore by ourselves and get something to eat, from the wide variety of food stalls offering amazing foods from all over the world.


We met back up in our travel groups and headed for Parliament where Fiona O’Donnell MP had arranged a tour for us to learn about the history of the buildings and British politics. The tour was really good but everyone was tired so after we finished at Parliament we went to Pizza Hut for some dinner. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Afterwards we walked through Leicester Square where everyone got to roam around and have a little look at some street performers, and some visited shops like M&M World. After this we headed back to the hotel and everyone was organised into their rooms and went to bed as we were all exhausted after our first day.

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