London-Paris Day 2 – Saturday

IMG_6253We got up really early to get breakfast at 7:15am. This was our first breakfast in the hotel. We had the option of cereals, fruits, toast and rolls. After breakfast we gathered outside and went on the underground to get to Euston Station. We took a train to Watford where we jumped on a bus to go to the Harry Potter studios!

When we arrived at the Harry Potter studios we were given some time to explore and look at the gift shop. Once we were done we had to queue up to get into the two huge sound stages. We watched two introductory films then walked through the real front doors of Hogwarts! We then walked round looking at the numerous sets, props and costumes. Once we moved through the first studio, we got the opportunity to have food and butterbeer! We then continued with the tour where we saw more of the set and a large scale Hogwarts model used for filming! We then had another chance to buy food or gifts!

After we explored the Harry Potter studios, we got the bus then the train back to Central London to grab some dinner. After dinner we all set off to The Globe Theatre to watch ‘Titus Andronicus’. With a running time of three hours, this dark tragedy by William Shakespeare was gory, bloody and, at times, amusing. Some people had to leave the theatre due to the long stand and the heat. The was never a dull moment as the actors moved through the crowd and kept us alert! Those who made it to the end were declared Shakespearean Titans and will feature on a hall of fame back at Ross High!

We ended the day with a walk across the Millennium Bridge giving us a chance to see London by night.

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