London-Paris Day 6 – Wednesday

IMG_6253We got up early to get the metro and the RER to Disneyland. This was a double-decker train. The train took 45 minutes and on the way we were getting hyped up for our day ahead, whilst some people had a nap!

Eventually everybody was pumped up for a day of excitement at Disneyland and were all jumping and buzzing.

IMG_6440 IMG_6412

Once we were in the park everyone flew off to different corners onto different rides. We went to the Indiana Jones Temples of Doom ride. It was cool and it had a loop-the-loop. Next we used our Fast Track passes to go on Thunder Mountain with Mr Craik-Collins. It was an amazing ride and only the bravest kept their hands up for the whole ride – not Mr C-C!


We also went on the trap, known as the Finding Nemo ride, thinking it would be a tranquil, relaxing walk in the park. However, we were flung around in upside down tortoise shells in darkness and flashing lights! We failed to tell Mr “gullible” Morrison of this fact. He was already traumatised from the Tower of Terror and was once again slam dunked into a hairy few moments.

IMG_6651 copy


We also met the Normandy crew who tagged along on our amazing Disney adventure!

After spending the full day at Disney, we proceeded to have another sleepy few train journeys to the River Seine boat cruise. This was an amazing experience as was the commentary! We got great views of the Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay and the love lock bridge. The sunset was also spectacular.

After another busy day, we meandered back through various metro stations and got to our beds after midnight.

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