School Closure – Friday 2 March – English Update

As a result of the school being closed to pupils again on Friday, each English teacher has provided a further update of tasks to be completed for pupils who are missing English lessons.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Ross High on Monday!

Mrs Barry:

A2 National 5 – Watch the film ‘Landing’ on Vimeo. Ensure all folio essays are below maximum 1000 words, on the template and shared with me on Google Classroom.

3X2: Read this article about creating setting and write 3 sentences for the setting of the creative story we are preparing as if panning with camera.

2X1 – You should ensure that Dracula monologue is completed. Return to horror poem in jotter and re- edit your own from the paired work you already did. This will be another piece for folio.

Mrs Clyde:

2X2 & 3X3 – Continue with personal reading and summarise what you have read so far this week.

3Y1 – Continue with ‘Of Mice and Men’ revision from BBC Bitesize and class notes.

Mr MacLean:

A1 Higher – login to Google Classroom for details of work set.

Mrs Maxwell:

3Y2 – You are to imagine you are Curley’s wife, Crooks or Candy and write about how they feel. Think about loneliness, prejudice and their hopes for the future.

3X4 – Continue work on conflict scripts on Google Docs. You can also create illustrations to go with their scripts.

2X3  – Write a paragraph about what you think is in Room 13. Try to include descriptive words. Go on to describe how you think Fliss will react.

Mrs Morrison:

3Y4: If possible, re-watch or research your own choice of favourite film to enable you to complete detailed notes for your presentation slideshow in class.

3X1: Personal reading, either fiction or non-fiction; research on “Merchant of Venice” up to Act 3 to supplement discussions we have had in class.

E1 Higher: Continue & complete work set yesterday work by Mrs Aitken on Google Classroom.

Miss Munro:

A3 National 4 – You should continue to research Desmond Doss. Post a link to one of the online sources you have found to our Google Classroom.

F1 National 5 – You should work on your folio. Final drafts of creative writing pieces were due in today. Message me via Google Classroom to confirm that you’ve definitely shared it and that they are ready to be marked.

2X4 – Write a short poem about a snowman. You must include at least one simile and one metaphor. You can also continue with your personal reading.

Miss Sheridan:

3Y3 – Continue research on World War One.

E2 National 5 – Analyse the trailer for ‘True Grit’ (link and questions on Google Classroom).

F2 National 4 – Continue tasks on Google Classroom.