Our Vision

Our English department is dedicated to ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to learn, build on prior success, and achieve their potential through language.

Staff ensure that learning through the mediums of reading, writing, talking and listening is active, challenging and enjoyable; encourages high levels of accomplishment and intellectual skills; involves the opportunity to develop individual interests and decision making; builds individual confidence to enable a valued contribution to society; progresses towards the highest levels of achievement.

Across the school, literacy in all subjects is a central part of the school vision and we are committed to improving standards in literacy in all curricular areas.

Our Department Aims are:

– To provide learning opportunities for all

– To develop each learner’s capacity for learning and potential to achieve

– To convey knowledge which is important and to promote the development of values, understanding and capabilities

– To make learning active, challenging and enjoyable

– To encourage high levels of accomplishment and intellectual skill

– To give opportunities for learners to make appropriate choices to meet their individual interests and needs, while ensuring that these choices lead to successful outcomes

– To ensure that assessment supports learning

– To enable all learners to flourish as individuals, reach high levels of achievement, and make valuable contributions to society

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