BBC School Report 2014

Thursday 27 March was BBC School Report News Day 2014. Our Media Club reporters spent the day in the school library researching, writing, interviewing, filming and editing a news bulletin.

BBC School Report

Editing the referendum debate footage.

Today’s headlines

We talk to pupils and teachers from Ross High School, East Lothian about yesterday’s senior debate, today’s mock referendum and we will also be delivering information on tomorrow’s inaugural East Lothian debating competition

Mock Referendum

The burning question in Ross High School just now is the Scottish Referendum and Scotland’s future. September 18th will be one of the biggest days in Scotland’s history. Over the past year there have been several debates and conferences about the advantages and disadvantages on Scottish independence. On Thursday 18th every Scottish person of age will be asked to decide Scotland’s future, an independent future or a united future.  Today Ross High School held a mock referendum which gave senior pupils the experience of voting before the Referendum later this year. Ross High pupils are looking forward to the results of the referendum.


The result of the referendum has been announced.

Should Scotland become an independent country?

YES – 35%

NO – 65%

Voting took place in the main hall.

Senior Debate

Yesterday Ross High School staged a debate between the two sides of the fence in the upcoming referendum. The Yes campaign were represented by Joan McAlpine MSP (Scottish National Party) and Dan Paris, while the No campaign was represented by Claudia Beamish MSP (Scottish Labour) and Oliver Milne. The event was very well attended by the senior pupils of the school and was chaired by Mr Kettles and Mr Munro. Both sides got a chance to share their views as well as taking questions from the audience.

East Lothian Secondary Schools Debating Competition

This Friday, 28 March at Ross High School, the school’s Debating Club, led by Miss Bradley, will be taking part in the first ever East Lothian Secondary Schools Debating Competition. The topic they will be arguing about is ‘Should Scotland Be Independent?’

Ross High is clearly getting involved in Scotland’s future.  Ross High will be following up these debates by having further assemblies and discussions on Scottish independence. They will also be looking forward to the real Scottish Referendum on Thursday 18 September when Scotland, and many of the staff and pupils of Ross High, will decide their country’s future.





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