S2 construction Challenge

On Thursday 31st October a small group of 10 pupils from Ross High competed in and triumphed over James Gillespies and Tynecastle High School in the Construction Challenge (CABEC). The pupils were faced with 3 challenges where they had to work out the level of water flow using equations and manometers, build a sturdy bridge elevation from paper and also construct a group picnic bench using only instructions. Throughout all of these challenges the pupils would not be permitted any help from their teacher. The pupils would instead have to rely on each other and their problem solving skills to complete the challenges.

The pupils were magnificent all the way through the event. In each challenge praise was thrown upon them as they completed the challenges very quickly and their team working skills and determination was second to none. The organisers were full of praise about the team from Ross High, not only about their skills for completing the challenges but for their team working skills, communication skills and overall politeness.

The pupils enjoyed their time at the event which allowed them to gain skills in work related activities that they would not be able to engage with in schools. The pupils will now be back in action for the Construction Challenge Grand East of Scotland Grand Finals at the Corn Exchange in January 16th. This time the pupils will be facing off against 8 schools who were all winners in their heats for a full day of 8 challenges. I am sure you will join us in wishing them all the best in this future challenge.

Pictured Above the Ross High team with their bridge construction

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