Broad General Education

Pupils will gain an knowledge and understanding of Graphic, Design and Manufacture during their Broad general Education in S1-3.

In S1 and S2 pupils will be timetabled for 1 period per week in the department. During this time they will gain a solid grounding in all aspects of our curriculum and will complete units of work in the four distinct curriculum areas that make up Graphic, Design and Manufacture. These include Graphic Communication, Design and Manufacture, Woodworking Skills and Metalwork Skills.

In S3 pupils can elect to take at least 1 of the subjects we offer at this time. These are; graphic Communication, Design and Manufacture or Practical Craft Skills. During S3 pupils will receive 2 periods per week in their chosen subject area and build up all the necessary skills required to continue into the National Course in S4

For more info please visit the pages for each year group.