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‘Girls can’t what?’ Bid to boost women in engineering

Girl welding

“Girls can’t what?” is the question posed on the UK’s first National Women in Engineering Day. You can be sure the answer from the organisers is not going to be “weld”.

Samantha Thompson is 24. Two years ago she bought a house. She’s about to take delivery of a brand new car. Not bad for a former part-time hairdresser who describes herself as “a nightmare child”.

“I was very clever but wouldn’t apply myself. I was quite disruptive, quite mature for my age and hated being treated like a child. One teacher told me I would never amount to anything,” says Samantha of her schooldays.

Samantha is now a project engineer, working to extend the life of the Heysham nuclear power station in Lancashire. She has a University of Hull foundation degree in mechanical engineering and is training to be a project manager. read more…