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SG Graphics Homeworks

Mr Hall’s S2 Graphic Communication class have recieved several homeworks.

These homeworks are being posted onto the Standard Grade Graphic Communication pages as PDFs.

This will allow pupils to ensure they have the correct homework and print off a replacement copy if they have lost it (and somehow, believe it or not, this does happen!)

The page can be accessed by clicking on the relevant links under the S2/3 header above or by clicking here.

Some helpful information for the homeworks can be found in the course notes pages or in the useful links.

First up on the board for 2008/9 S3 GC “HOW 2…” Posters

Miss Hobans class have just completed a storyboard each as part of their SG folios. A massive amount of effort and creativity has gone into these as the results show and are proving difficult to judge! To help, the class are taking part in online peer assessment by reviewing each others work (constructively!). This activity is invaluable for all students as these comments will help positively inform the next piece of creative folio work. Thanks to my class for your hard work….keep it up!

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Higher Graphic Communication Thematic Presentations

Robert's Isometric

S4 have been busy working on the start of their Thematic Presentation for Higher Graphic Communication. This is a series of drawings based around a single artefact.

This year we are working on small Lego models. The pupils have to sketch two sheets of drawings based on their object before drawing them more accurately using the computers. You can view more of their work by looking at the Higher Graphic Communication photoset on flickr Shaun's Orthographic Elevation

CDT@Ross High

Welcome to the Ross High CDT Department website. Here we’ll be adding examples of some of the great work that gets produced by our pupils.

We offer courses in Craft and Design; Graphic Communication; Product Design; Engineering Skills; Woodworking Skills; and Construction and Engineering.