Making radios in Product Design

This year at Ross our 4th years are each designing and making a promotional radio, using the vacuum former. The pupils have to engage in all stages of the design process from brief through to manufacture and evaluation. This week Mr Thomson’s class have been working on creating moulds that will be used to create their radio’s body.

This is the first year we have run this project and an important part of t he process of for the pupils to come up with ways of manufacturing their designs.

Jennifer's 2nd mouldJennifer’s radio is a complex form made up of a number of inter-penetrating spheres. This is the second mould attempt, the first one which was made out of expanded polystyrene melted on impact with the hot plastic and didn’t hold it’s shape very well. It should have been given a coating to protect it and give it a smoother texture. When this radio is finished it should look something like this:

jenniferradio.jpg This version of the radio was modelled by Mr Meldrum using AutoDesk® InventorTM which the pupils will be starting to use this year. 3D modelling is an important skill for the pupils to learn and we hope to make it a big part of the activity in the department. We’ll add examples of pupil work in the future.

Shaun's Porsche Radio

Shaun’s radio incorporates the Porsche badge. He is going to use a printed copy of the badge to plan where to add additional material to create raised sections. These will give the radio more texture and make its interactions with the light more interesting.

You can see some more images on flickr.

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