S1 CfE

In S1 pupils will undertake the following projects;



Unit/ Project Course content Assessment
Manual Graphics Pupils will learn some basic techniques for producing graphics. These include, drawing and rendering techniques, colour theory, sketching in 2D and 3D. Manual Graphics test – pupils are asked to produce a range of graphic techniques they have learnt throughout the unit
Metal Trowel Learn to work with different metals to produce a trowel using the following skills; filing, bending, cutting, forming, drilling, riveting, dip coating. The finished project is assessed.
Plastic Thermometer Creating a unique design for a thermometer and learn how to cut, finish and bend plastic The finished project is assessed.
Flower Holder Learn the following skills for working with wood; marking out, cutting, drilling, assembly, sanding, finishing. The finished project is assessed.
Engineering An introduction to Engineering and structure building.