S2 CfE

In S2 pupils will undertake the following projects;


Unit/ Project Course content Assessment
Pupils learn the basics of Architecture and design the floor plan of a house and create a 3D model of what they want the outside of the building to look like. They then use the images from these to create a property schedule for their house using DTP software Their creativity and accuracy of design work is assessed along with a test at the end of the unit.
Retro Game Pupils create a design folio and produce a range of ideas for a retro pocket game. They then manufacture this from plastic. Their folio work along with the practical is assessed and they complete an end of unit multiple choice test.
Pyramid Mood Light Project This cross curricular project is in conjunction with the Maths department. In GDM we form a base for the pyramid and wire up an LED light into the base. Maths product a pyramid structure with windows to create a mood light. 
Bird Feeder This project consolidates learning from the Flower Holder in S1 as a lot of the processes are the same. The finished project is assessed and an end of unit test.