In S4, we build on the topics studied in S3 and add the following topics to allow pupils to complete the National 3, 4 or 5 courses.

The topics included in National 3, 4 or 5 are:

  • Population
  • Urban change – in the cities of Edinburgh and Mumbai
  • Rural areas – Intensive Peasant Farming in Kedah, Malaysia and Extensive  Commercial Farming in either East Anglia or the American Praries
  • Health – case studies of Malaria, Heart Disease and HIV/AIDS
  • Environmental Hazards – case studies of a volcanic eruption, an earthquake and a tropical storm
  • Glaciated and Coastal landscapes
  • Weather
  • Added Value Unit


Useful websites for revision are:

National 5 Revision Websites

Physical Environments

Weather revision

Glaciation revision (you don’t need Glacial Deposition) (first 4 sections only) (arrow at foot of page to next section) – 9 minute video

Coasts (you don’t need coastal flooding) (use arrows at foot of each page to move on)

Human Environments

Population and Development (not Trade and Aid) (only the development sections although you will do health soon) – notes, but only some of this is relevant – you should know which parts!

Urban Change – general on features of city zones from P2)

Mumbai – (too detailed but good on shanty and squatter areas)

Rural Change – not your case studies but covers the changes in both farming types – the Green Revolution

Global Issues

Environmental Hazards


Causes – excellent animation

Impact and Response – impact – response – response – UNICEF response


Health – overview of the causes, distribution, effects and response to HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Heart Disease. – BBC health pages. – Country statistics can be taken for comparisons. – Health topics can be chosen from this website. – EU health information and indicators.

Malaria – Malaria potential cure. – Good summary test on malaria. – Strategies on bed net provision. – Malaria vaccine.

Heart disease – British Heart Foundation.

AIDS – What the UK does for AIDS. – Lots of information to formulate case studies. – Factsheets on AIDS/HIV. – Aids and malaria information.


General Geography Websites (videos) (video clips on various topics)

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