France Trip 2019

On part dimanche et on attend avec impatience !!! Youpi !

We meet this Sunday 23rd June at 22h30 in front of RHS main entrance. Remember to hand your money in an  envelope with your full name and amount in euros/pounds to your group leader. Bring food & water on route. Remember to check the suggestions for Pupil kit list on ML website and/or on ML board outside room 129.


Mme Scott

Pupil Kit List

These are suggestions on what to bring on France Trip 2019. Items in bold and italics  are essential. Please check the weather on a weather application nearer the time for appropriate clothing. Enter either Warsy or Montdidier.

  • Hand your spending money in an envelope with full name and amount in pounds/ euros to your group leader before entering the coach.
  • Travel in comfortable clothing!

Ruck sack on the bus:

Food & water

Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and moisturiser)

Small Towel

Change of clothes

Labelled DVDs


Blanket/ Sleeping bag

If on medication, a suitable carrier for the medication and a care plan


Case in the luggage compartment (that you won’t have access to until reaching the Château in France)

Sleeping bag (if not on the coach)

Big Towel

Sun protection

Mosquito protection

Hat/ cap

2 pair of trainers/ comfortable shoes

Jumper(s)/ Hoodie(s)



Comfortable trousers/ joggers


Sun glasses

Sliders/ Flipflops ( for the shower)

Rain jacket/ponchos

Belt/ waist bags ( Parc Asterix)


Underwear socks ( bring extras)

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser and hairdryer ( share with friends)


Il y a seulement onze  jours  et puis on part!

Mme Scott


Important information France Trip June 2019

Depart Sunday 23rd June 2019-meet at school for 22h30 and coach leaves at 23h

Return Saturday 29th June 2019- arrive at school around 4.30am


  • Towels, sleeping bags, and a pillow.
  • Medication and care plan
  • Up to date contact numbers (parents)
  • Adapters
  • Spending money in an envelope ( full name of child and amount in euros/pounds). 10 euros a day and 20 pounds for food coming home.
  • Check roaming charges for Europe- don’t always have access to Wi-Fi
  • Rucksack on coach with a wash bag, a small towel, a change a clothes, food and water. Big bag/ suitcase won’t be available until we reach chateau on the Monday.
  • Food enroute as first meal will be at chateau on Monday night . We will buy food in a French supermarket before leaving France on ferry.
  • We will be given packed lunches every day at the chateau when we are doing our day trips.


Monday– arrive at chateau around 16h00. Evening meal and Château Olympics.

Tuesday– Albert museum at 10am and Somme main sites ( packed lunches). Evening meal and camp fire at château.

Wednesday– Parc Asterix all day ( packed lunches). Evening meal at château.

Thursday– Montdidier town trail and market. Goat farm visit 2.30pm. Lunch and evening meal and scavenger hunt at château.

Friday– Snail farm 10am, packed lunches, French supermarket stop. Ferry home.

French Trip hoodies have been dispatched!

We will keep an online blog on this website and updates too on Twitter #RHSFrance2019

5 semaines!! On attend avec impatience!

Mme Scott


Parents evening FRENCH TRIP

There will be a parents evening on Wednesday 15th May at 5.30pm in the Library. A representative from the Travel Company will be there too. Please make sure you all attend as we are going to collect your passports and EHIC cards.

To apply for a EHIC card:

Please bring in all outstanding forms ASAP and remember that you can pay for the hoodies online.

On a hâte d’aller en France!

Mme Scott


French Trip- FRIDAY 29th MARCH 2019 deadline for Final Payment and outstanding forms

Please hand in you forms regarding the French Trip hoodies and Parental Consent ASAP to a member of the Modern Languages department. We are keen to submit the orders for the French Trip hoodies before Easter. Last day for hoodie order will therefore be on Friday 29th March 2019. Please remember that the final payment for the French Trip is also due on this date- Friday 29th March 2019. If you have any questions, please come and see us.

On attend avec impatience!

Mme Scott

Letter issued 20 February

We are all getting very excited about the French Trip! We are looking into getting red hoodies for the France trip and the quote comes to £24 each. Please fill in the attached slip if your child is interested in getting one.

Please remember that the total amount must be paid by Friday 29th March 2019. It can be paid to the school office at registration or at break time or online at The last two dates if you are paying by instalments are:

  • Friday 22nd February 2019: £50 and Friday 29th March 2019: £100


Due to the uncertainty of Brexit please ensure your child’s passport has at least 6 months left on the passport from the date of arrival. Please also be aware that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) might not be valid but we would still prefer that one is brought on the trip. To apply: We would be grateful if you could make sure that any dietary requirements and/or medical history is up-to date. Finally, please complete your details on the attached parental consent form in case medical treatment is required in France and submit to a member of ML department.

The travel company has informed us that children must bring the following on the trip:

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Towel
  • Sun protection and hat/cap
  • Mosquito protection
  • Water bottle
  • Torch (could use your phone)
  • Food en–route

Please note that there will be a parents evening on Wednesday 15 May 2019 at 5.30pm in the Library and a representative from Manor Adventure will be present too. The ML website is also updated with all the information handed to pupils about the French Trip if anything is misplaced.

Miss C Christie and Mrs L Scott (Modern Languages)

France Trip June 2019

Regarding the payments for the French trip in June 2019, they can be made in instalments see dates below or in full. The total amount must be paid by Friday 29th March 2019. Payments can be made by cheque ( payable to East Lothian Council specify name and registration class) or online. The cheques should be handed to the school office at registration or at break time only. Online: go to and specify France June 2019

  • Friday 26th October 2018:                £100
  • Friday 30th November 2018:             £50
  • Friday 25th January 2019:                 £100
  • Friday 22nd February 2019:                £50
  • Friday 29th March 2019:                     £100

We are getting really excited about the Trip!!

Payment of deposit

To secure a place on the French Trip, please pay £160 by  Friday 21st September. Please note that the online system is not working at the moment so payments have to be handed in to the office at Registration or at Break time ONLY.

Mrs Scott

French Trip June 2019- on y va!!!

The Modern Languages Department is delighted to announce that the French trip to northern France will go ahead. We will be leaving Ross High school on Sunday 23 June 2019 late at night and we will return at the latest on Saturday 29 June 2019. We will be staying in Glamping PODs at the grounds of the Chateau de Warsy which is situated in a hamlet near Montdidier. There are tennis courts and a heated swimming pool in the grounds of the chateau for the pupils to enjoy.

Please find the proposed itinerary:

  • Monday
  • Coach pick up from school late Sunday night– Ferry to Calais – arrive at Chateau de Warsy in the afternoon – dinner and Scavenger hunt at the chateau
  • Tuesday
  • French breakfast, WWI battlefields Somme with packed lunch– Albert museum- Thiepval memorial, Locknagar Crater, Beaumont, Hamel- dinner and château Olympics
  • Wednesday
  • French breakfast, Parc Asterix with a packed lunch– late return for evening meal
  • Thursday
  • French breakfast, Montdidier town trail and market with a packed lunch – visit to a Goat Farm– dinner and camp fire at chateau
  • FridayFrench breakfast, Depart with packed lunch – visit to a Snail Farm – supermarket stop – Ferry  to Dover– home late Friday / early Saturday
  • As already mentioned the cost of the trip will be £560. All activities and most of the food are included in the price however food en-route is required. Pupils will also need some additional spending money. We are asking for a non-refundable deposit of £160 to secure a place by Friday 21st September 2018 to be paid to the school office at registration or at break time only or online at choose Ross High School, Trip and specify France June 2019 in school payment reference. Thereafter, payments can be made by five installments. The total amount must be paid by Friday 29th March 2019.
  • Friday 26th October 2018:                £100
  • Friday 30th November 2018:             £50
  • Friday 25th January 2019:                 £100
  • Friday 22nd February 2019:                £50
  • Friday 29th March 2019:                     £100

Please ensure your child has a valid passport and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). There will be a parents evening nearer the time but please feel free to contact us at school if you have got any questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely

Miss C Christie and Mrs L Scott (Modern Languages)

NEW TRIP!!! French Trip June 2019

The Modern Languages Department is planning a French trip to northern France close to Amiens from Sunday 23 June 2019 to Saturday 29 June 2019. The trip is open to pupils currently studying or interested in studying French at Ross High School.

We will be travelling to France by coach and we will be staying in the grounds of a beautiful chateau built in 1725 in Glamping PODs. At the chateau there is a heated swimming pool and tennis courts and there will be evening entertainment. During our stay, we will be visiting the town of Montdidier and its market, a goat farm and a snail farm and the Somme battlefields.  Also, a French trip cannot be complete without a visit to a theme park and this time it will be Parc Asterix!

Please hand in your permission slips and Parental consent forms to any members of staff of the ML department by this Friday 31 August 2018. No deposit is required until you have received a letter with the itinerary and dates of instalments which means the trip will go ahead.


L Scott and C Christie