European Day of Languages 26 September

The Modern Languages Department has recently been celebrating the European Day of Languages.  This is an annual event on September 26th where people all over Europe celebrate the fact that so many languages are spoken in Europe.  Pupils took part in games and quizzes in their ML classrooms and some subjects around the school were taught in French and Spanish that week. Well done Miss Beggs and Miss Brockway! The canteen menu on the Day of Languages was translated into many different languages and pupils made posters of these to display in the canteen. Teachers wrote messages about what learning languages meant for them and this display can be viewed in the main entrance. It was lovely to see such a whole school effort!

Every S1 pupil has written a letter in French to a member of staff and teachers have been asked to reply to that pupil in any language they know.  Pupils are eagerly awaiting their reply and are desperate to find out who their letter has ended up with. Well done to S1 for producing such beautiful letter!