S2 Languages Event- 22 January 2015

The Modern Languages had a Languages Event on 22 January 2015 for the current S2 pupils. We were fortunate to have 4 fantastic and inspiring workshops and engaging speakers in our department.

Workshop 1- SCILT speaker Christian Beart was talking about the fact that English is not enough and why languages should be for all.

Workshop 2- Kayt Wright was talking about her own language experiences of working on super yachts all over the world. A very impressive lifestyle thanks to her languages! Emma Hand is a current language student at Edinburgh University and she shared her positive experiences about her gap year in Germany and Spain and about being a language student.

Workshop 3- Translators Heather Stacy and Fiona Paterson discussed their passion for languages and how they ended up being freelance translators in many different languages. They decide their working hours and what work they want to do as they are their own bosses!

Workshop 4- Tom White is a former Ross High pupil who has dedicated his whole life to make people realise the importance of learning a language and his passion is the French language. He is now part of the Franco-Scottish Alliance and he has been recognised by the French President for his important work in French.

We are sure the pupils really enjoyed them as much as the ML staff did and that the workshops made the pupils realise the importance of learning a language or languages for their future!