About the Modern Languages Department


Welcome to the Modern Languages Department. We are currently offering French and Spanish within the department.



Why study Modern Languages? We are often asked why there is a need to study Modern Languages when everybody speaks English.

FACTS: There are more than 6500 languages spoken in the world. 94% of the world does NOT speak English as their first language. 75% of the world does not speak English at all.

Languages improve the quality of your life and your understanding of how other people live and think. You can travel more and meet new people. You could earn more in your job one day!

You do not have to be fluent in a language- a little language can make a lot of difference. Even the basic phrases make a real difference. Jobs from receptionist to top level management need language skills. A recent recruitment agency stated that having some knowledge of modern foreign language can raise one’s salary by 20%! On application forms it is often asked about your experience and qualifications in languages, and having more experience in languages will show a real commitment to learning and work.

Practically any job can involve languages:

  • credit controller
  • journalist
  • market researcher
  • technical consultant interpreter
  • translator
  • engineering
  • travel and tourism
  • media


In the Modern Languages department we celebrate each year on 26 September the European Day of Languages which gives us the perfect opportunity to highlight that monolingualism is not an option!


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