S1/2/3 Curriculum

All pupils at Ross High are entitled to do a Modern Language until the end of S3. Current S1 and S2 pupils receive two periods of French and 1 period of Spanish a week. In S3, pupils can choose to do both/or either French or Spanish twice a week or they can choose to do a French or a Spanish Enrichment course. In S3, pupils have got an opportunity to do Languages for Life and Work Award. The main contexts in Broad General Education are Society, Learning, Employability and Culture.

We use different types of resources such as the French textbooks Studio with InteractiveTeach and Métro pour l’Écosse and in Spanish we use the textbooks Viva and Listos. We also use different types of media, ICT and our own material to keep us up to date with French and Spanish life and culture. In class, we often discuss the similarities and differences of living in French and Spanish speaking countries compared to Scotland and also the importance of learning a modern language in today’s society.

The pupils also watch films in French and Spanish that are often linked with the different contexts discussed in class and we also listen to French and Spanish songs that are currently in the French and Spanish charts.





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