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Day 6 at Disneyland Paris

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 30, 2016

Day 6 at Disneyland Paris


After our buffet and having packed all of our belongings on the coach, we headed to the parks.  Most of us went to Walt Disney studios for the big thrills and some went to the Disneyland Park for the Magic Kingdom adventure.


There was a rush to the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Studios, though the more experienced amongst the group grabbed some FREE Fast Track tickets and managed the Rocking Rollarcoaster and the Tower in quick succession.


In brilliant sunshine the walk around the studios was fun with discoveries around every corner, like the little Ratatouille corner with authentic French buildings and shops. Followed by the backlot tour, Armageddon, Slinky Dog, Disney Animation and Stitch Live & Interactive.


Plenty of presents and gifts were bought in the huge Disney shops!


In the Disneyland park, the girls managed to go on all the rides they had on their wishlist and Mrs Scott even managed to trick some of them  to go on the ride It’s a small world with its very repetitive and for some ( like Mr Sands ) irritating song.


The boys were the first on the Indian Jones roller coaster. What an achievement!


Before leaving the park we were treated to a Frozen parade and the Let It Go song which was sung in different languages. We also got our picture taken in front of the Sleeping Beauty’s magical castle! We were all happy to leave with our shopping bags to head home.


What a fabulous day!!

Euro tunnel here we come!!


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Day 5 – Place du Tetre – Paris

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 28, 2016

Up very early for a buffet breakfast before heading off to Paris at 0815 hours.  Traffic was horrendous – the nearer to Paris we got the more and more police vans we passed as there was a planned demonstration taking place in the area near where we were going to.  Eventually got to Tour Montparnasse which is the tallest building in the city.  It has the fastest lift in Europe – some people were scared to even get in!!  We met up with the London/Paris people there so everyone could compare notes on the different trips.  They got lots and lots of photos/selfies on the 56th floor, overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  Visit was very quick but that was OK as we will meet again at Disneyland tomorrow.

2016 Normandy Day 5 Web Pics-7

2016 Normandy Day 5 Web Pics-2

Our drivers then crossed the city to take us to the Moulin Rouge.  This is in the heart of the Red Light district so lots of photos taken of the shop windows!!  Many pupils had lunch at MacDonalds – just to compare….. There were many tourist shops there selling souvenirs so pupils enjoyed the opportunity to spend their money.  We then took the tourist train to Sacre Coeur at Montmatre.  A Bollywood film was being filmed there today – extremely colourful.  We then walked round to Place du Tetre which is the artist’s quarter.  It is so so picturesque.  Many pupils got their caricatures drawn by proper French artists. The drawings were amazing!!!!  It is such a unique part of the city – so beautiful.  No doubt many a parent will receive these as gifts.

2016 Normandy Day 5 Web Pics-22 2016 Normandy Day 5 Web Pics-29

2016 Normandy Day 5 Web Pics-30

Got back to the hotel in time for a swim – for some – or to relax before dinner.  All tired and hopefully early night before our long day at Disney tomorrow.

Quote of the day:

‘Please, please can we stay for another couple of days?’  This was followed 2 hours later by ‘Well, have you sorted it yet?

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#RossEnTour Day 4

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 27, 2016

#RossEnTour Day 4

We knew that this was the early start of the holiday.  Breakfast at 7 before leaving at 8.  However, all up and ate early so left 15 minutes early.  Although raining we made good time to Paris.  As we approached the city we went through Neuilly sur Seine – a film that we have watched about this posh neighbourhood of Paris.  As we continued on this road the Champs Elysees came into view and l’Arc de Triomphe was there in front of us!!!  We then went round it with traffic coming at us from all directions – scarey!!!! We had a great cruise down the River Seine seeing all the sights – there was a bit drizzle, but even so was spectacular.

2016 Normandy Day 4 Web-12016 Normandy Day 4 Web-2

Back to the coach where we drove to the Fanzone under the Eiffel Tower – could barely believe that we were seeing what we had watched on TV – amazing!!  We then did a  tour of the city before heading to a huge shopping centre near our Disneyland hotel.  Stocked up on goodies, we checked into hotel – ya beauty!!! Amazing rooms, brill showers, wifi throughout – we could barely believe the luxury.  Some had a swim before dinner and some just chilled in their luxurious surroundings.  Dinner was very much enjoyed – unlimited drinks and food.  Just now some are watching the footie, some are in pool and some just relaxing in their new accommodation.  Quite a few pupils said today that they want to move to Paris…and that is on first impressions……

Quote of the Day:

“Oh, Mrs Shanley I want to move to Paris and do my Art Degree here!”

“Look at the architecture, it’s amazing!”

2016 Normandy Day 4 Web-12

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Normandy Day 3 at the Chateau (think they all know now that is French for castle!!)

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 26, 2016

This has been a sombre day from the point of view of learning so much about the Liberation of Europe and the end of WW2.  First up was to go to the 360 degree cinema at Arromanches which really told the story of how this area was liberated.  We had free time in the town – lots of cakes eaten, souvenirs bought and ice creams devoured!  We had our packed lunches by the sea overlooking the Mulberry harbour.

2016 Normandy Day 3 Web Email-1

2016 Normandy Day 3 Web Email-60

Next up was the German Batterie where we posed for photos on the canons used by the Germans to fire into the English Channel.  Then onto the American Cemetery which was so moving – all the more so because the American National Anthem was played by what seemed like bell ringers, followed by the Last Post.  All pupils stood to attention when this was played as demonstrated by Americans around the cemetery.  We then went to Omaha Beach to see where the Americans launched their attack.  Lots of pupils got totally soaked but enjoyed their paddle!! Last outing was going to the German cemetery which was so dark and dismal compared to the American cemetery.

2016 Normandy Day 3 Web Email-84

2016 Normandy Day 3 Web Email-87

Quick change into swimming gear and 45 mins of fun in the outdoor pool.  Swiftly followed by BBQ in the orchard.  We had organised a surprise for Shaun Calvey – a birthday cake!!  He did not know why he was asked to stand up on the BBQ table – but it was to make himself known to the staff as to where to bring his cake!!!  As we write this there is a disco/karaoke on……

Quote of the day:

Snails are my new favourite food! Tracy, take note….


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Day 2 at the Chateau

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 25, 2016

The day started in beautiful sunshine and a short coach journey to the largest British and Commonwealth cemetery in France.  With 4000 British and Commonwealth graves and a large number of German graves, it was a sad, but respectful sight.  We laid our Ross High School remembrance wreath, with words written by David Coventry on the card:

Take a moment now, just pause,

And think about the cost of wars

Four thousand people here interred

And all because of foolish words.

We remembered them:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.

We will remember them.

The pupils found the grave of Stanley Bates VC, the only British soldier to be awarded the VC in the battle of Normandy, as well as the grave of Mr J. Barnes, a family member of one of our school staff.

From the sombreness of remembrance, we headed to the hustle and bustle of the Bayeux Market, picking up a bargain or three.  Pupils enjoyed using their French to purchase different French delicacies from the stalls and in the shops.  The most excitement came from tasting French bread saying it tasted so so different from bread at home!!

Lunch was had in the shadow of the impressive Bayeux Cathedral, before a little shopping trip, swim in the heated outdoor pool and finally dinner in our Chateau.

The pupils enjoyed their evening activities of Blind Man’s Trail, Rounders and It’s a knock out, before finishing the night off with crepes and various fillings.  Although it was a relaxing day there seemed to be something happening every second.  As it is Saturday it is a bit later to bed tonight before our action packed day tomorrow.  Vive la France….


‘I never used to like French food, but I am loving everything I’ve tried here’.2016 Normanday Day 2 Web Pics-2

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Day 1 in the Chateau

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 24, 2016

Despite a later start, we made very good time to Portsmouth. Noisiest bunch ever due their chanting, singing and shouting  and the kids were loud as well!

Calm crossing over the Channel with spectacular views of the sea and missed by the pupils who were now getting their well deserved sleep they so needed.

Arrived safely at the chateau at 4pm greeted by all the lovely staff.

Lovely Porc Normandie and tarte au citron for dinner, then after the team bonding challenges we celebrated Jordan’s birthday in style, gateau au chocolat.

Great start to the trip so far

Follow @RossHighSport on Twitter for more Tweets using #RossEnTour, as well as this blog continuing throughout the week.

Quote of the day:

“Will we get on the same bus after the ferry arrives in France?”

2016 Normanday Day 1 Web Pics-1


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Follow our Trip blog

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 21, 2016

We will be writing a daily blog from our trip where you can follow all our adventures in Normandy and in Paris. It will be posted on this page (Ross High’s ML Trips) usually each evening when we have got Wi-Fi connection.

Please feel free to add comments that we can share with the pupils!

We hope you will enjoy it!

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IMPORTANT!! New Updates…

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 13, 2016

Nearly time to go ……

  • Note that our departure time has changed to 8pm. This is because the coach company want extra time in case there are roadworks en route. Please therefore be at school at 7.30pm to give us time to put our luggage in the hold.
  • Make sure you have a bag/rucksack with all you need for the journey. We do not get to the Château until late afternoon the next day so you will need to bring water/food/pillow/medication with you. The coach will stop at service stations along the way so you can also buy stuff there although usually it is expensive. Bring DVDs too if you want – it will be a long journey……
  • NO juice or chewing gum is allowed on the coach. Our coach company is JH Coaches of Durham. It’s an executive coach with leather seats and DVD player/screens. You can see our very coach if you go on their website and look at the 55 seater Executive Coach.
  • The boat we shall go on is Brittany Ferries’ Mont St Michel – check out what it has on board! There is even a cinema – tickets £5. Onboard you can spend both euros and pounds. We depart at 0815 and arrive at 1500 (1 hour time difference). In the past we have been allocated a big room so we can all be together and where you can leave your stuff if you want to explore.
  • Please make sure that you have your euros spending money in an envelope with your name on the front. Your group leader will look after you money when we are away.
  • At the Château you need to bring soap, towel, hairdryer, swimming stuff (there is a heated outside pool) and you also need a ‘clean change of footwear’ for inside the building – flipflops?
  • Drinks at the Château cost 2 euros. We will be doing a supermarket shop in Bayeux the day after we arrive so you will be able to buy drinks/snacks there too.

Hoodies are in my room – to be collected at any time.  Please pay asap if you  have not yet done so.  Think that is it for now but keep checking the school website to see if there are further updates.    A bientôt!

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Posted by Mrs Scott on May 19, 2016

We have heard from the Travel Company that we cannot now visit the Stade de France due to the Euros being on.  We are so disappointed… instead we have booked the tourist train to take us from the Moulin Rouge to Sacré Coeur to do a tour of this area.  We have done this in the past and some pupils thought it was the best part of the trip!

There are a few pupils who have not yet handed in their signed Behaviour Contracts – please do so asap!

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Sample hoodies

Posted by Mrs Scott on April 27, 2016

Sample hoodies of all sizes are now in my room.  Please come to try on and place order over the next few days.  I can confirm that the cost will be £12.95 each.  Payment can be made online or at school office.  Please make sure you put Normandy Hoodies as your reference.
Thanks to everyone for coming to the Parents’ Night last night and handing in passports/EHIC cards/signed behaviour contracts.  If anyone still has to hand these in, please do so asap.
Many thanks
Mrs Shanley

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