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Monday 28 June 2010

Posted by Mr Tennent on June 28, 2010

Boppard Eiscafe

We are writing this blog on the pavement of an eiscafe!!  We have all ordered and some of the pupils are already tucking into Schokoladen-Becker, Karamel-Becher, Bananensplit etc  It is still so, so hot even at this time of night – 9pm.

We had the most fabulous day today.  Long lie today – breakfast not until 9am.  Still many bleary eyes.  Girls are wearing less and less make up as no time to apply it!  After breakfast there was a bit of a rush to catch our river cruise boat.  In trouble as we were 4 minutes late!!!  We are not in the German fastidious time-keeping mode yet and we are leaving tomorrow.

The cruise boat was incredible.  We lounged on different decks in the blazing sunshine, enjoying chilled drinks and good company.  The scenery was out of this world.  We passed a castle every 500m with vineyards punctuating the landscape – easy seen Ms Sutherland has a hand in writing this – this is not our usual lingo!!!!  Everywhere was so green with little villages skirting the shore (Ms Shanley is getting the hang of this lingo now!!!).  The kids enjoyed it so much that Holli Hunter pleaded to stay on the boat and was convinced that the hour on the boat had only been 10 minutes.  Michael Carr also said he could spend all day on the boat – think we all agree!!  We sailed from Boppard to Rudesheim and our bus picked us up there.

In Rudesheim we went to the Mechanical Music Museum where we saw mechanical organs and other musical instruments – the first mechanical instruments made and we learned how they first recorded music.  It was fascinating – especially as it is the only one in the world and we have now visited it.  The pupils were particularly keen on the musical chair (especially Ellie Reid as she sat on it) and the showground organ.  Beth Whitson in one group and Becky Clelland in the other group turned the handle to make ‘I love to go awandering’ song – wearing a showman’s hat.

We had a short walk to the cable car station where we went in either 2s and 4s up the side of the mountains at the side of the River Rhine. The views were spectacular and some stayed at the top to enjoy panoramic views and climb the Niederwald monument.

We then had 2 hours free time to wander round the beautiful town of Rudesheim.  Most pupils bought German flags, German garlands, German flags, German glasses, German teeshirts not to mention way too many vuvuzelas – we have had many variations on how to pronounce this!  Especially when we are shouting at them to stop blowing the ……… things!!!!  They are not in the hold of the bus and they will get them back when we arrive back at school.

Mr Stanfield and Jamie Colquhoun were shopping and Mr Stanfield was very impressed with Jamie’s German.  He did all his gift shopping in German very confidently.  Lauren Rowley is barely speaking in English now – amazing what a few days abroad can do!!!!

Had quick dinner and now in Boppard back at the same Eiscafe as we were at a few nights ago.  Most now finished ice cream and have moved onto dipping their feet in the fountain of the town square.  We are heading back to the hotel soon to have a last night party.  Drinks and snacks are in!!!!

Tomorrow – change of plan!!!!!   We are heading off at about 9am to head for Bruges in Belgium!!  Shall do an explore there and then visit a Belgian chocolate shop en route to Calais.  Hope to get to the big shopping centre there by 7pm so we can eat and do a shop before heading to the Eurotunnel.

Time has passed so, so quickly and we have all had a wonderful time.  Weather has been amazing – probably in the 100s most of the time and kids’ tans are coming along nicely.  There does not seem to be anyone who is not having an absolute ball – our photos when they are on the blog will prove this.  Atmosphere is great. Teachers also are having a fab time!!

One funny moment today was when Mr Campbell was drinking from a water fountain and asked what ‘Trinkwasser’ meant.  We told him ‘drinking water’ so he was taking big gulps – nearly choking as he was drinking so fast.  Then he noticed there was a word in front of ‘Trinkwasser’ – KEIN – this means NOT drinking water.  Pupils were laughing as they all knew what it meant!!!  Thankfully Mr Campbell is still with us – so far.

Quotes of the day: Sharlene told  Mr Tennent that Eskimos were not called that any more.  They were now called Yetis ….

After a long conversation with the second year girls about German phrases and words, Kaitlyn Sweeney made us laugh when she asked what language we were talking about!!!!

Shall try to post a blog from Belgium or France tomorrow – we really are international jet setters.  …. Holland and Germany so far with Belgium and France still to go.  THIS IS THE LIFE!!!!!!!!!! (so say all of us!)

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  1.   Jayne Says:

    The week has sounded amazing and I can’t believe Aaron will be visiting Bruge before i do!!
    Hope my prezzie is chocolate. Mr Tennent, if you manage to gain access to the site today (Tuesday), can you say hello to Aaron for me, missing him alot. Safe journey home everyone, see you in the morning. J

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