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Sorry folks for the delay

Posted by Mr Tennent on June 28, 2010

Sorry folks for the delay – no internet access where we are staying and no internet access where we have been!!!!  We are cut off from the outside world!!!!!


Departure from School

Thursday 24 June


All present and correct so departed early amidst a sea of family and friends.  Everybody seemed so happy to be in a double decker – amazing the difference an extra level makes!!!  Absolutely boiling – thank goodness for the air conditioning and that was in Tranent – in Scotland before we left!

We made good time down to Newcastle and had to wait for the ferry port to open.  All ran smoothly and we were the first bus to board.  Pupils had mixed feelings as to where their cabins were – some down on the second level with no windows and some in relative luxury on level 4 with a grimy window. 

We spent a couple of hours exploring on the ferry.  First time on a ship for lots of pupils so they were so excited.  Lots to see and did lots of chatting to new friends from different countries.  Some went to the cinema and we all met for a fantastic buffet dinner.  Food was amazing.  Some tried the caviar (including Mr Tennent), lots tried langoustines and crab and everyone all found something – all left happy and full……

After a lively time getting to bed all finally were at least in their cabins.  Suffice to say there were a few bleary eyes in the morning, including Mr Tennent.  PS  Ask Mr Campbell to do the safety dance…….

Boat Quote:  Kaitlyn Sweeney said she had lost her boarding pass and was worried when  Ms Sutherland told her it was lucky she had found it or she would have been escorted off the boat there and then.  After looking pretty worried for a moment she finally realised it would be near impossible to do this short of walking the plank!!!!

Friday 25 June

Arrival Amsterdam


One hour delay due to technical problems.  We had just been commenting on how smooth our journey had been – we must have been going so slow….  Finally got off and onto our super duper bus.  Lots of room and drivers really nice.

Longer journey than planned due to traffic.  Managed to make it into Germany for lunch.  Mrs Scott-Watson was inundated with ‘when will we be there?’.  Holli and Paige being the main culprits!

Arrived at the hotel at 6pm.  Later than planned.  We are in an annexe on our own 30 metres from the hotel where we get our meals.  We unpacked and explored our little town before our dinner at 8pm.  Have to say not all really enjoyed the meal but most of us did.  Slightly different from our French trips where we get chicken and chips every night!!!! 

In the evening we went to an Eiscafe in a neighbouring town.  Think that everybody loved the choice of ice cream.  Most popular were the Cookies-Becker and the Spaghetti Eis.  It was a beautiful warm evening and most of us sat outside.

Quote of the day on Holly Crichton’s trousers: They had JW written on them and Mr Campbell asked what that stood for and Claire Connelly piped up and acknowledged Mr Campbell’s stupidity: ‘George Watson’!!!!!!!!

Saturday 26 June


Breakfast – not everybody made it….  Good breakfast enjoyed by those who did make it.  Quite taken aback that we had to make our own lunch with cheese slices and German sausage.  A surprise to all.  First port of call was Cologne and the magnificent Cathedral then a half hour walk (all 65 of us) through a busy pedestrian street – we all made it and never lost anybody!!!!!!!

Chocolate factory next.  How many tastings did we have of melted Lindt chocolate?  Unfortunately we could not buy any gifts as it was so hot and it would have melted within a minute!!!  Moving swiftly on, went onto the FC Cologne Stadium.  We had to split into 2 groups.  Unfortunately one group had girls only who never knew a football team or player in Scotland never mind Germany!!!  Our guide was absolutely beautiful and had the girls staring at him and taking in everything he said!! You would have thought they were true footie fans!!  It is absolutely not true that Mrs Shanley told him she was not married!!!!  The other group were crazy about football and identified Podolski (the main Cologne player as well as the national team.  Rebecca Haig was in his seat in the Changing Room), Maniche (where Beth was sitting in Changing Room) is another major player.  Kieran Gordon was told off for trying to go to the toilet in the players’ dressing room…..

We all got the chance to sit in the VIP box, changing room and to see the kind of luxuries afforded to the players and the sponsors.  100.000 euros for a VIP box!

Some of us got the chance to be celebrities, in an after match interview – sitting in the press zone with the rest of us asking post match questions!!

After our tour we headed back to the hotel.  No time for a shower or getting changed.  We had to go straight into dinner – chicken soup, spaghetti bolognaise and jelly and cream.  The pupils who did not like this headed out for pizza or chips.  Most pupils had a walk around the village before we went to bed – another exhausting day, especially as it is SO HOT!!!!!!

Quote of the day:  Cameron Paton asked Alexander if he could see better with or without his glasses………



Sunday 26 June


Just brilliant!!!!

We were meant to go there tomorrow but we had to change our plans as there was a really big cycle race going through our village and we would have had difficulty getting to all the attractions we had planned as lots of local roads were closed all day.  We thought therefore it would be a good day to go to Phantasialand – also because of Germany’s game in the world cup being on and hoped the park would be quiet – it was!

Upon arrival everyone took off in different directions desperate to try all the big rides. We barely were in the park when Stephanie, Shelley and Alex went on a fast roller coaster ride – we could hear them screaming  long before we could see them – much louder than anyone else on the ride!!!!  A popular ride was Black Mamba.  Everyone said how good it was – one was sick afterwards and quite a few felt sick but said it was amazing!!  It did not stop them going on it again.  The day got hotter and hotter – probably was in the high 30s.  We kept reminding pupils to put on lots of suncream, so hopefully no-one got burned.  It was so hot that Samantha, Daniel Burns, Ross Ritchie, Jessica, Ryan Paterson and Cameron Paton were jumping in the waterjets and got soaked to the skin.  We have the photos to prove it!  It was so hot that they were dry by the time they got on the bus.  So many pupils have fantastic photos taken on the rides – great momentos!  Pupils look terrified.

Everybody loved the water roller coaster.  It was a fast scream-inducing water-drenching ride and everybody got soaked.  Darcy and Maddie got soaked but not their hair as it was protected by their home-made turbans (their tee-shirts).  This was obviously crucial as they never had their straightners with them. Think that Stephen Powell got the prize for being the wettest – he looked as though he had fallen into a river.

We had made up our packed lunches (ourselves again) but, as we were getting our tickets, the lady gave us Snack Vouchers.  This meant that all pupils got sausage (Bratwurst which Germany is famous for) or chicken nuggets with chips and a drink.  Pupils really starting to practise their German both by asking for things in shops as well as chatting to people that they meet.  Mrs Scott-Watson very impressed.  On a plunging ride called the Night Hawk which was in total darkness Mr Campbell cuddled Mr Stanfield the whole time whilst screaming like a girl!

The Germany v England game was on in one of the bars.  The atmosphere was brilliant and it was fantastic to watch the game in Germany surrounded by Germans.  Lots of pupils got the German and Scottish flags painted on their faces – oh, and Mr Campbell too!  The lady doing the face painting said she would not do it if they were English!  All this was free, so there were big queues.

The park closed at 6pm and, as we were leaving, cars covered with German flags were tooting their horns as they were driving away.  You would have thought they had won the final of the world cup!!  Then on the motorway back to the hotel they were tooting their horns as they overtook us – probably thought we were English!!

It was a very tired bunch of pupils (and teachers) on the bus back.  We put a movie on but most people were sleeping….

After dinner some pupils went to a local park to play football with Mr Campbell and Mr Stanfield.  Some pupils went a river walk along the Rhine with Ms Scott-Watson and Ms Sutherland and some stayed at the hotel with Ms Shanley – too tired to do anything!!!!

Quote of the day: Ryan Stevenson after a stomach churning roller coaster ride… “Well it gets you from A to B”.



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