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Normandy Day 3 at the Chateau (think they all know now that is French for castle!!)

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 26, 2016

This has been a sombre day from the point of view of learning so much about the Liberation of Europe and the end of WW2.  First up was to go to the 360 degree cinema at Arromanches which really told the story of how this area was liberated.  We had free time in the town – lots of cakes eaten, souvenirs bought and ice creams devoured!  We had our packed lunches by the sea overlooking the Mulberry harbour.

2016 Normandy Day 3 Web Email-1

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Next up was the German Batterie where we posed for photos on the canons used by the Germans to fire into the English Channel.  Then onto the American Cemetery which was so moving – all the more so because the American National Anthem was played by what seemed like bell ringers, followed by the Last Post.  All pupils stood to attention when this was played as demonstrated by Americans around the cemetery.  We then went to Omaha Beach to see where the Americans launched their attack.  Lots of pupils got totally soaked but enjoyed their paddle!! Last outing was going to the German cemetery which was so dark and dismal compared to the American cemetery.

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Quick change into swimming gear and 45 mins of fun in the outdoor pool.  Swiftly followed by BBQ in the orchard.  We had organised a surprise for Shaun Calvey – a birthday cake!!  He did not know why he was asked to stand up on the BBQ table – but it was to make himself known to the staff as to where to bring his cake!!!  As we write this there is a disco/karaoke on……

Quote of the day:

Snails are my new favourite food! Tracy, take note….