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#RossEnTour Day 4

Posted by Mrs Scott on June 27, 2016

#RossEnTour Day 4

We knew that this was the early start of the holiday.  Breakfast at 7 before leaving at 8.  However, all up and ate early so left 15 minutes early.  Although raining we made good time to Paris.  As we approached the city we went through Neuilly sur Seine – a film that we have watched about this posh neighbourhood of Paris.  As we continued on this road the Champs Elysees came into view and l’Arc de Triomphe was there in front of us!!!  We then went round it with traffic coming at us from all directions – scarey!!!! We had a great cruise down the River Seine seeing all the sights – there was a bit drizzle, but even so was spectacular.

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Back to the coach where we drove to the Fanzone under the Eiffel Tower – could barely believe that we were seeing what we had watched on TV – amazing!!  We then did a  tour of the city before heading to a huge shopping centre near our Disneyland hotel.  Stocked up on goodies, we checked into hotel – ya beauty!!! Amazing rooms, brill showers, wifi throughout – we could barely believe the luxury.  Some had a swim before dinner and some just chilled in their luxurious surroundings.  Dinner was very much enjoyed – unlimited drinks and food.  Just now some are watching the footie, some are in pool and some just relaxing in their new accommodation.  Quite a few pupils said today that they want to move to Paris…and that is on first impressions……

Quote of the Day:

“Oh, Mrs Shanley I want to move to Paris and do my Art Degree here!”

“Look at the architecture, it’s amazing!”

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