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Paris Christmas Market 07

Paris Christmas Market Trip 2007


It was a really cold icy night when we left at midnight by bus for Paris.  Eventually we arrived at our hotel in time for our evening meal the next day!  We stayed in a hotel just to the north of Paris.  After dinner (chicken and chips) we had an early night as we knew we had a busy few days ahead of us.  The next day we headed to the Christmas Market at La Défense.  It should have been a 30 minute journey but our guide did not have a clue where to go and we drove round in circles for over 2 hours until eventually the drivers parked the bus and we walked the last part to the market!!  The market was fantastic!!  There were lots of stalls selling everything from swords and jewelled knives to roasted chestnuts!  The smell of different foods came from every direction and everybody tasted something French.   Some tried French style kebabs, others tried crêpes filled with chocolate, cream or even ham!  We then went on a boat trip down the River Seine passing by Notre Dame cathedral and other famous sights.  That night we ate in a fantastic restaurant in the Montmartre part of the city.  It was a typical French restaurant complete with someone playing the accordion and yet more chicken and chips!


The next day was the highlight for many.  We had a tour of the Stade de France stadium.  We went into the changing rooms and saw the strips of several famous players including Zidane and Barthez.  We even walked through the tunnel to the cheers of the crowd.  We then walked up the steps as though we were receiving the cup – again to the cheers of the crowd!!  From there we had a bit of culture!!  We went to le Louvre museum and saw the Mona Lisa – we were amazed at how small the painting was.  Some people, however, were more concerned at how fast they could run along the corridors!  That evening we ate at a different French restaurant in Paris (This time with a choice – although you could still get chicken and chips!!!!) followed by a shopping spree on our way to the Eiffel Tower.  Unfortunately it was a bit misty and we could not see much from the top floor.  When we went down a floor we saw the whole of Paris – covered in twinkling lights.  The Christmas lights around the city were unbelievable.  The Champs Elysées had little blue lights that seemed to ‘tumble’ down the trees – amazing!!


All too soon we had to head home.  We stopped off at a huge shopping centre near Calais for last minute shopping and something to eat (chicken and chips, anyone??!!) before the journey home.  The time on the bus passed quickly with Mr Thomson and Mr Campbells’ quizzes and loads of DVDs.  It was a very weary group that arrived back at 5am on Saturday.  Although exhausted, we all agreed that it was a fantastic trip and one we all want to do again soon!!


Ms Shanley and Ms Persson

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