Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Corridor Duty 


Whole School Information


Senior Football

2 matches this week,

Today Wed 22nd away to Knox Academy at Haddington 3G meet in Social Area at 3.35pm.

Fri 24th away to Balerno meet in Social Area at 12.50pm, check Notice Boards for more info and let Mr Sands know A.S.A.P. if you are unavailable, also please ask your Parents if they can help with Transport.


Ross High Advent Calendar

This year there will be an advent calendar on display in the school.  You have the chance to have your artwork, poetry or photography displayed as part of the calendar.  Each day of December a new piece will be revealed.  To take part give a completed piece of art, a photograph or poem on the theme of Christmas, winter or other festive celebration to your art teacher.  Entries from students who do not study Art are also welcome, hand these to Mr Mann by  28th November.

House points will be awarded to all entrants, plus extra for those that appear in the calendar.

Junior Leadership Team – Meeting at Break.


Can all members of the JLT please come to quick meeting in Miss Duncan’s room (136) today at break.

Sean Laroche

Rebecca Fenwick

Ella Brook

Emily Rennie

Neve Jessica Caldwell

Anya Martin

Ellie Hardie

Ellie McMillan

Emma Fraser

Jonah Greig

Ellie Morris

Ewen Robertson

James Knox

Amy Gordon

Isaac Kechida

Hamish McNeil

Amy Gossner

Emma Hamilton

Emma Hotchkiss

Karla Hastie

Libby Ingils

Year Group Information


S1 – S3


U14s Football


Scottish Shield match this Thu 23rd Nov against Lasswade at Foresters Park 3G 4.30pm Kick Off,

Meet at 3G at 3.50pm, bring full Blue Kit & £2 for ref, Check Notice Board at CDT for more info and let Mr Sands know A.S.A.P. if you are unavailable.




Other Information