Monday 27th November 2017

Corridor Duty 


Whole School Information


Pupil Voice – Meeting in Mr Munro’s Room at Lunch (13:00) on Wednesday.

All old and new members welcome. Please bring your lunch and ideas along!

Thanks, Miss Duncan


Year Group Information


S1 – S3


S1 Girls House Hockey


The S1 Girls House Hockey will take place on Tuesday 5th Dec after school on the Ross High 2G Astro Pitch. Below are the girls that will be involved. If you CANNOT PLAY please see Mr Chalmers or Miss Protheroe in the PE department.

Currently we are short on players for Seton. Please can anyone who is keen to play from Seton come and tell Mr Chalmers or Miss Protheroe is you want to play. You do not have to play after school hockey to take part.


Fa’side Seton Winton
Ashley Denyer

Demi Reid

Eilidh Hutchison

Emily Rennie

Emma Robertson

Rebecca Grieve

Sarah Young

Zara Kinnear

Charlie McColl

Neve Caldwell

Bethany Dickson

Amy Hamilton

Emberlee Francis

Hannah Scott

Morven Inglis

Samantha Thomson

Sophie Scott


Harsehj Kaur

Heather Young

Iona Miller

Kayleigh Macfarlane

Lucy Cameron

Mia Mackie

Nicole Torrance

Rachel Young

Rebecca Young

Rebecca Fenwick

Lara Murdocky


Mr Chalmers

S4 – S5


S5 LEAPS Presentation P1 Wednesday 29th

Any S5 student considering University or HND/C courses at College should come to the Assembly Hall directly after registration.

YPI House Finals

Well done for all the work that has gone in over the previous weeks to get your presentations ready. Please see below the details for where each house final will take place.  Please go and register in your normal classroom ASAP so that each final can get started no later than 2pm.


House Date Venue Time Judging Panel No. of groups presenting
Seton 22/11/2017 Room 23 P5 and 6 I Morrison                       C McLean                         L Dalgliesh                         + 1 S6 (2016 winner) 9
Fa’side 28/11/2017 Room 31 P5 and 6 J Lockett                           L Stevenson               W Adams                       + 1 S6 (2016 winner) 8
Winton 28/11/2017 Drama P5 and 6 K Campbell                     J Stark                                 N Duncan                       + 1 S6 (2016 winner) 9

Last chance to sign-up for any of the following revision sessions. Sign-up sheets outside Miss McKay’s room (History).


What When Where
Flashcards – how to use and make these for revision in any subject/any senior level Wednesday 29th November at lunchtime and after school (same sessions at lunch and after school) Miss McKay’s Room (History – 133)
Revision of assessments for National 5 Spanish/French and use of online resources for further revision Monday 4th December after school (3.50-4.35) Mr. Jimenez Fuentes’ Room (Modern Languages – 130 )
De-Coding (Understanding) Exam Style Questions in Maths for National 5 Tuesday 5th December at lunchtime Mr. Perez-Manzano’s Room (Maths – 35)
Revision of assessments for Higher Spanish/French and use of online resources for further revision Thursday 7th December after school (3.50-4.35) Mr. Jimenez Fuentes’ Room (Modern Languages – 130 )
De-Coding (Understanding) Exam Style Questions in Maths for Higher Tuesday 5th December after school Mr. Perez-Manzano’s Room (Maths – 35)
Navigating SQA Website and Google Scholar – how to use these effectively for revision in any subject/any senior level Monday 11th December lunchtime (To be confirmed) Miss Kerr’s Room (FCT Corridor)

S4/S5/S6 –Parents Night Thursday 30th November (16:15-20:00)


S5 and S6 Helpers needs for the Senior Parents Night

Sign-up sheet outside the CLS Office (Social Area Corridor)

Community Commitment Cards – Make sure these are up to date and have been signed by Miss Duncan, SLT or Hospitality Team.


Other Information