Friday 22nd March 2019

Whole School Information

French Trip- FRIDAY 29th MARCH 2019 deadline for Final Payment and outstanding forms

Please hand in you forms regarding the French Trip hoodies and Parental Consent ASAP to a member of the Modern Languages department. We are keen to submit the orders for the French Trip hoodies before Easter. Last day for hoodie order will therefore be on Friday 29th March 2019. Please remember that the final payment for the French Trip is also due on this date- Friday 29th March 2019. All information about the French Trip is available on the Modern Languages website too. If you have any questions, please come and see us.

On attend avec impatience!

Mme Scott

**BAKE SALE** 25th March

S1 Enterprise will be setting up a Bake Sale stall in the social area at break and lunch on Monday 25th March with Brownies, Muffins and more available. Prices range from 30p to £1

Ross High Sports Personality of the Year
Today is your last chance to nominate a fellow pupil, teacher or coach. To nominate, please go to

Year Group Information

S1 – S3

The Diana Award Anti-bullying Ambassadors – S1-3 pupils

If you are interested in being one of our Young Anti-bullying Ambassadors please see Miss Anderson (PT Guidance, Seton House) or Ms McCabe (PT Guidance, Winton House) in the Guidance office as soon as possible.






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