Tuesday 5th December 2017

Corridor Duty 

F CONNAL            F BEGGS          N GILL

Whole School Information


House Assemblies This Week


Faside – Tuesday

Seton – Wednesday

Winton – Thursday


Badminton Club

Cancelled on Wednesday (tomorrow) due to National and Higher performance assessments. Back on next week as usual. Miss Benson


Ross High Advent Calendar

Well done to Shabih Bilgrami of Fa’Side.  Shabih’s picture is behind door 5 of the Ross High Advent Calendar.  Check out the calendar, on the House notice boards, each day of December for a new piece of festive artwork.

Christmas Concert

Tickets go on sale today for the Christmas Concert. Tickets cost £3.50 each and all proceeds go back into the concert fund. Please purchase your tickets from the school office. Thanks – Mr Sinclair


Junior Leadership Team – P4 today.

Just a reminder – can the following please attend a meeting in Mr Reynolds office today, Period 4.

Emma Fraser, Anya Martin, Ellie McMillan, Ellie Hardie, Ewen Robertson, James Knox, Amy Gordon, Isaac Kechida, Emma Hamilton, Emma Hotchkiss, Libby Ingils and Karla Hastie.


Could the following pupils come straight to Mr Sinclair’s room (142) after registration please? (they are not in trouble!)


Stephanie Livingstone, Anna Souness, Emma Fraser, Ruby Maclaughlin, Sadie Blyth, Heather Harvey



All welcome.

If selling be at school for 9 am to set up stall.

Any tombola or baking donations please hand to office by Friday.

Christmas Candy Cane Telegrams!!

Some say, you don’t give to receive, but with the amount of candy cane telegrams that have been coming in to Miss Thomson and her IDL group, some people are going to end up feeling like Scrooge on the 19th of December!!! Let’s not make this awkward, folks! Buy your pals a candy cane telegram! Miss Thomson will be in the social area today at morning break, giving out forms. Bring a smile and your 50p pieces! See you then!!


Helpers for Christmas Fayre

Can all those who are able to help at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 9th of December please attend a meeting at 1pm on Wednesday in Mrs Donnelly’s (bring your lunch).

Thanks, Miss Duncan

Ross High’s Got Talent

The S6 are organising a Talent Show for the last day of term. There is a sign-up sheet outside the Common Room. Please write down your name and the act that you would like to showcase by Friday 15th of December.

There will also be a chance to win some House Points through games, some Christmas Songs and some VIP guest stars.

Year Group Information


S1 – S3


S1 Girls House Hockey


The following girls are involved in S1 Girls Hockey today at 4pm on the 2G Astro.

As you can see we are very short of Seton players. Any Seton players that want to play, please come up and see Mr Chalmers today or tomorrow. You do not have to play Hockey to be involved.


Fa’side Seton Winton
Ashley Denyer

Demi Reid

Eilidh Hutchison

Emily Rennie

Emma Robertson

Rebecca Grieve

Sarah Young

Zara Kinnear

Charlie McColl

Neve Caldwell

Bethany Dickson

Amy Hamilton

Emberlee Francis

Hannah Scott

Morven Inglis

Samantha Thomson

Sophie Scott


Harsehj Kaur

Heather Young

Iona Miller

Kayleigh Macfarlane

Lucy Cameron

Mia Mackie

Nicole Torrance

Rachel Young

Rebecca Young

Rebecca Fenwick

Lara Murdocky


S4 – S5



Your UCAS forms should now be completed, paid for and sent to allow Guidance staff to check all applications, write references and submit it. Remember you only have one application to be responsible for and they have several





Can all pupils attending this today please meet in Room 115 at the end of period 4.   We will return to the school for 1600 hours. Thanks M.Donnelly.



Other Information


Youth Reference Group Recruitment

We are looking to finalise the membership of the Youth Reference Group for the Fa’side Area Partnership. We have several young people who are interested and would like to make sure that as many young people as possible get the opportunity to participate in the project. We are looking for young people in 1st-3rd  year at Ross high school (or stay in the Fa’side ward) who would traditionally not get involved in decision making groups within the community. The group will be looking to give a voice to the young people in the area and link them in with the area partnership. The young people would be initially be attending weekly meetings and then the frequency might reduce once the group have formed to bi-weekly.


To allow as many people as possible to get extra information then we will be holding drop in information sessions at Recharge (Access from Church Street) over the next 3 Thursdays; 30th November, 7th December and 14th of December. These sessions will take place between 6.00pm and 8.30pm. If you would like any more information then feel free to contact Alan Bell on rechargeextra@gmail.com.