Tuesday 11th December 2018

Lunchtime Corridor Duty Rota

Chris Mann       Neil Gill     Heather Dickson     Fiona Thomson

Whole School Information

Christmas Concert takes place tomorrow night at 7pm – tickets still on sale for the bargain price of £3 – includes a mince pie!

Ross High School’s ‘Mind Your Head’ App to support everyone’s Mental health and wellbeing-available on App store free of charge

You need to login using the credentials:

Username: Ross High School

Password: RossHigh18

All are case-sensitive. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you launch the app. 

     November Numeracy Challenge Results.

Top 15 Super Mathletes of Ross High

Tammi McLean                   (3S1)
Skie Dobie                         (3S1)
Adam McQuade                   (2S2)
Murray Mullen                      (2W2)
Jack McIntosh                       (2W2)
Ben Kean                            (1S1)
Andrew McConnachie         (3F3)
Corey Yule                          (2F1)
Phoebe Davies                     (2F1)
Leo Cymber                         (2W3)
Beth Taylor                       (1W3)
Rebecca Grieve                     (2F3)
Morgan Gare                      (2F2)
Leah Nisbet                           (1W2)
Shannon McNamara            (3F2)


Christmas Concert Rehearsals TODAY

P4 – Junior Choir

P5 – Mrs Dougan’s S3 class

P6 – S1 Band

Please come to the hall at the beginning of the period and you will be registered there.

Year Group Information

S1 – S3






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