Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Corridor Duty Rota

S Selby     R Sutherland     S Stebbing     J Stark

Whole School Information


Please take 1 minute to complete this short survey.


S6 Graduation Helpers

Can all helpers for the S6 Graduation please see Miss Duncan for a job before Wednesday 3rd of April. We’ll be meeting in the Social Area from 4pm.

Un 15s Girls Football

Unfortunately tonight’s (Tue) after school Girls Football training is cancelled, Miss North is unable to attend.  Please reply to TeamAPP for the match on Wednesday 3rd April.  Mark Urwin

Young Carers Drop-in

A reminder that this is open to all pupils, and a chum, in school during lunch. No appointment needed. Food and drink available. Catherine Ramsay from East Lothian Young Carers would be delighted to see you for a friendly chat if you have any questions about young carers, whether its you or someone you know who might be a young carer. The drop-in sessions take place in the Guidance meeting room (next door to Guidance office) over lunch on the following Tuesdays :

See you there MsMcCabe

Year Group Information

S1 – S3

S1 STEM Trip

Could all pupils who received a letter for tomorrows STEM trip please ensure it is returned to Mr Melrose ASAP!


S2 and S3 pupils will be seeing an anti-racism play on the 4th April. You will go to your classes as normal and will be taken down to the hall by your teachers.

S2 will see the play during period 3

S3 will see the play during period 5

Vaccinations – Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – Assembly Hall

09:00 1F1 Girls 09:15 1F2 Girls 09:30 1F3 Girls
09:45 1S1 Girls 10:00 1S2 Girls 10:15 1S3 Girls
10:50 1W1 Girls 11.05 1W2 Girls 11.20 1W3 Girls
11.35 2F1 Girls 11.50 2F2 Girls 12.05 2F3 Girls
12.20 2S1 Girls 12.35 2S2 Girls    
13:45 2W1 Girls 14:00 2W1 Girls 14:15 2W2 Girls
14:30 2W3 Girls  


Names to follow


S3 Graph Comm

The following pupils are taking part in a design workshop with Edinburgh College periods 5 and 6 on Wednesday.

3S1 Kumali Bate
3S3 Lucy Donlevy
3S2 Kira Lee
3W2 Luis Rankine
3S2 Jessica Stable
3W2 Sam Baillie
3W1 Theo Ballantine
3F1 Archie Donohoe
3S3 Stefan Kubeczka
3F3 Andrew McConnachie
3F2 Khai McGowan
3F1 Katie Neilson
3F1 Sunny Watson
3F1 Freyja Bjarnason
3F3 Benn Davidson
3F2 Sophie Gare
3F2 Sam Niven


S5 into S6 Application

Can all current S5’s please submit their S6 Application to Miss Duncan through Google Classroom by Friday 5th of April. All S5’s MUST submit an application!

Activities Week S4 and S5

Please select your options for activities week. Please be aware that you must select your options according to year group. It is a first come first serve basis and once you have selected your options you will be unable to change them.

Due to a change in the payment system, trips will have to be paid in full by 31st May. We will not be taking payments until after the Easter Break and these must be done online. Further details about payment will be released at a later date.

Please see the links below:

S4 – https://forms.gle/DxWA1HWQXXocr1Yh9

S5 – https://forms.gle/vsGhBP4gpSWR2L1AA

Mrs Arbuthnot

Other Information