Friday 24th May 2019

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Top 10 Mathletes in the May Maths challenge 2019!

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Maths class Total points

in a week

Patrick Kettle 3S3 3X2 28,618
Andrew McConnachie 3F3 3X2 17,664
Beth Taylor 1W3 1XMK 12,000
Alicia Trzaskowska 3S1 3X2 5,780
Joel Atkinson 1F3 1YDP 5,230
Fergus White 2F1 2X1 5,054
Euan Gillies 1W3 1XJH 4,476
Adrain Banayo 2W3 2Y3 3,059
Ellie Davidson 1W2 1YEW 2,920
Zara Kinnear 2F1 2X3 2,690

Well done to all the above pupils!!!!

France Trip June 2019

The French hoodies have arrived and can be collected in the ML department. Please make sure you have paid for your hoodie before you collect it. Could all the outstanding Code of Conduct Contracts, passports, and EHIC please be handed in ASAP.

On attend avec impatience!

Mme Scott

English VIPs – Rescheduled

The following pupils have been selected as Very Impressive Pupils by their English teachers:

Leigh Stewart 1L1
Lily-Mae 1S2
Levi Draper 3F2
Emma Clough 3S2
William Wise 1F2
Katie Neilson 3F1
Ewen Robertson 3S2
Reece Fisher 2W1
Beth Taylor 1W3


Please come to Room 125 at break (with one of your friends if you wish) for hot chocolate and cakes with Mr MacLean.

Activities Week:


Please return all consent forms to either your registration teacher or directly to me in Room 115. Please remember payments should be made online and are due on the 8th June. Any issues please come and see me.


Mrs Arbuthnot