Friday 16th August 2019

Whole School Information

Edinburgh Book Festival Trips

The English department are offering two trips to the Edinburgh Book Festival this month.

Next Thursday, S2/3 pupils can attend an event with Darren Shan, the writer of ‘Cirque du Freak’. This trip will cost £3 leaving school at 10:15 and returning at 14:30.

On Monday 26 August, National 5 pupils can attend two events on creative writing to inspire you for your next folio piece. This trip will cost £6 and will be an all-day event.

There are 30 spaces for each trip and a packed lunch will be required. Please collect a letter and consent form from your English teacher and return this, with payment, to Mr MacLean. As the trips are running soon, the forms need to be returned by TUESDAY at the latest.

Mr MacLean

Ross High Cricket

Ross High Cricket, will be starting up on Monday 19th after school, from 3 :35 – 4 ;45 in the Large Games Hall. All pupils are welcome to this training, even if you have never played before.

If you are not able to attend the Monday training, then there will also be Cricket on a Wednesday lunchtime in the Large Games Hall. Again all are welcome.

Mr Chalmers

Year Group Information

S1 – S3




 S5 Prefect Interview Times/Location

Please see below the interview times below. Please leave class 5 mins before your interview time and head straight back to class after your interview.

Thanks, Miss Duncan


Name Class Date Time Location
Elizabeth Doyle 5W3 Friday 16/08 08:45 Rm 126
Josie Sellwood 5W1 Friday 16/08 08:50 Rm 126
Filip Borowiak 5W1 Friday 16/08 08:55 Rm 126
Liam Buchanan 5W2 Friday 16/08 09:00 Rm 126
Erin Skinner 5W3 Friday 16/08 09:05 Rm 126
Alexis Archer 5W2 Friday 16/08 09:10 Rm 126
Gerda Dlugabarskaite 5W2 Friday 16/08 09:15 Rm 126
Molly Dorward 5W2 Friday 16/08 09:20 Rm 126
Euan Stratton 5W2 Friday 16/08 09:25 Rm 126
Priya Macdonald 5W2 Friday 16/08 09:30 Rm 126
Theo Allan 5W1 Friday 16/08 09:35 Rm 126
Rachel Steele 5W1 Friday 16/08 09:50 Rm 126
Hannah Davis 5W1 Friday 16/08 09:55 Rm 126
Sean Craigmile 5W2 Friday 16/08 10:00 Rm 126
Shaun Calvey 5W2 Friday 16/08 10:05 Rm 126
Ryan Archibald 5W2 Friday 16/08 10:10 Rm 126
Heather Harvey 5W2 Friday 16/08 10:15 Rm 126


Any S6 who are keen to take part in the Lessons from Auschwitz project should attend a short meeting in Miss McKay’s room (133) on Tuesday at break.

Other Information