Wednesday 11th September 2019

Whole School Information


To start out fundraising for this year’s show, we will be having a movie night on Thursday 19th September where you can watch and sing along to this year’s show…HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

You can also get a better understanding of the characters and choose who you would like to play when we put it on stage in June 2020!

The movie will be shown from 5-7pm. Popcorn vouchers (which will get you tasty popcorn and also help us to buy cool things for the show) cost £2 and can be bought from any Music or Drama teacher.

Senior Celebration of Success

Can the following pupils come to the hall at 2:50 for a rehearsal of tonights event, please bring your stuff as you will be dismissed from the hall:

Theo    Allan

Alexis  Archer

Ryan     Archibald

Esme    Balfour

Ailiya   Bilgrami

Liam     Black

Dylan    Bleakley

Filip      Borowiak

Ewan    Breckenridge

Connor  Breckenridge

Erin      Brown

Jake     Brown

Sarah   Brown

Sophie  Brown

Callie    Bryant

Liam     Buchanan

Blair     Caldwell

Shaun   Calvey

Nicole  Cargill-Brown

Sophie  Clark

James  Coleman

Jamie   Conquer

Liam     Cowan

Sean     Craigmile

Isla      Crichton

Stella   Da Silva

Abigail Dall

Millie   Davies

Rebecca           Dick

Gerda   Dlugabarskaite

Molly    Dorward

Clare    Douglas

Liam     Duncan

Daisy    Evans

Aiden   Ewing

Mia       Foster

Ariana  Francis

Cameron           Fraser

Brodie  Gillies

William Goodluck

Amy     Gordon

Amy     Gossner

Jordan Gray

Katie    Herkes

Erin      Hill

Michael            Hird

Andrew            Hogg

Demi    Hornsey

Emma   Hotchkiss

Daisy    Houchin

Cameron           Hynd

Cameron           Imrie

Hannah Jack

Kate     Johnstone

Isaac    Kechida

Rebecca           Kelly

Luca     Kyle

Kieran Leslie

Michael            Liddle

Stephanie         Livingstone

Priya    Macdonald

Catriona           MacLean

Rebecca           MacLennan

Stephen           Mainds

Chloe    Mapplebeck

Josh     Marshall

Danielle            McBeth

Amy     McConnachie

Katie    McKenzie

Hamish McNeill

Jenna   Mercer

Abbie   Middlemass

Fergus  Miller

Zoe      Milne

Jade    Motherwell

Kwally  Nugent

Ellis      O’Brien

Nadia   Orr

Cameron           Pryde

Leah     Quinn

Jake     Rae

Safa     Rafiq

Alex     Riding

Erin      Skinner

Harry   Soulsby

Anna    Souness

Natalie Spalding

Rachael Steele

Heidi    Stevenson

Cody     Stewart

Euan     Stratton

Ewan    Thomson

Nathan Thomson

Richard Tkachenko Sibbald

Cameron           Veal

Robbie  Waldron

Andrew Walker

Brody   Walker

Cameron           Ward

Jennifer           Watt

Jamie   Wightman

Charlie Wilson

Molly    Wise

English Weekly VIPs

The following pupils were chosen by their English teacher as last week’s Very Impressive Pupils. Please come to Room 125 at break today for a drink and a snack with Mr MacLean:

Zoe Hunter 1F1
Amira Franklin 1F2
Jayden Douglas 1S1
Evie Sinclair 1S2
Jessica Presell 1W2
Thomas Bull 1W3
William Wise 2F2
Erin Macpherson 2S3
Humna Rafiq 4F2


Helpers needed for ‘Understanding our School’ event on Tuesday 24th of September – sign up sheet outside S6 Common Room.

Helpers needed for Parental Engagement evening from 5:30pm-8:30pm.

You can help for the whole event or just part of the time. Please write this on the sign-up sheet.

Hours can be counted towards your volunteering and community commitment on the Saltire Website.

Sponsored Walk

Sponsorship forms (no money) should already be handed in during registration. You can keep fundraising this week just let your registration teacher know.

On Thursday 12th September there will be a change to the school day.

  • Early lunch – 12:30 until 13:15


  • To meet in the following locations at 13.15 for registration:


Year Meet Point
S6 Gym 2
S1 Main Gym
S2 Gym 1
S3 Social Area
S4 Canteen
S5 Library


During the sponsored walk the S6 Young Enterprise groups will be hosting a tuck shop selling juice and snacks to give you energy along the walk. Please remember to bring some money with you to support these groups.

Today Break Time Cakes For Sale

There will be home baking for sale in the Social Area today at break time, in aid of MacMillan.

Please support this charity.

Year Group Information

S1 – S3

U13 Boys football

Could all players from the U13s boys football team please attend a meeting with Mr Sands and Mr Melrose at break time tomorrow in room 17 (GDM) to discuss days for fixtures.

S1-3 Girls House Touch Rugby will be on Wednesday at 3:45 – 5pm. It will take place on the Ross High Rugby Pitches and you will get changed over at the Ross High Rugby club.

All are welcome to play!!

Mr Chalmers

S4 – S6

All N5 and Higher Art & Design / Higher Photography pupils who would like their exam folio returned must speak to Mr Morrison in the Art Dept ASAP as the deadline for getting this returned is getting closer.


Other Information