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Monday 23rd April 2018

Corridor Duty 


Whole School Information


Tennis Club

Tennis club is moving back to Polson Park Courts (outdoors) from tomorrow (Tuesday 24th April).  If you are interested in coming to tennis club to play a sociable game or to improve your skills then pop along and try it. S1-S6 all welcome. Meet in the PE dept. after school on Tuesdays. Thanks, Miss Benson

S1 Boys House Hockey


S1 Boys House Hockey will take place Today on the school Astroturf. We will be looking to start at 4 pm and will finish no later than 5:15 pm. The following boys will be involved:

Fa’side Winton Seton
Bartolmiey Zurawicz

Bartosz Kocot

Bejamin Taylor

Cailean Clubb

Corey Yale

Daryl Grieve

Fergus White

Michael Kennedy

Shabih Bilgrami

Dean Gorrie

Ross McCafferty

Sean Laroche

Rory Malone

Sam Kernaghan

Kaden Carruthers

Callum Anderson

Reece Fisher

Marcus Grogan

Marcus McIntyre

Adam Martin

Elliot Barrie

Euan Allan

Finlay Spowart

Tom Dutton

Cameron Banks

Euan Clarks

Adam Gillie

Aaron Weatherhead


If any other S1 boys are interested in taking part, then they must go and see Mr Chalmers in PE.

Mr Chalmers

Big Question: Who made God?

The Scripture Union group are running a series of big questions.  On Monday 23rd April, we will ask ‘Who made God’.  Discuss this question at room 23 (PSE corridor) 1pm-1.30pm.  Bring your lunch – hot chocolate provided.  All welcome.

Hazel Gray Scripture Union


Year Group Information


S1 – S3


U13/ U14 House Rugby

U13/ U14 House Rugby will take place straight after school on Thursday 26th April on the rugby pitches. We will finish no later than 5:30. The teams will be put up on the notice board in PE on Monday. The following boys will be involved:

Fa’side Winton Seton
Daryl Grieve

Ewan Thorton

Jay Black

Liam Bryson

Quinn Porter

Shane Fleming

Ben Ritchie

Callum Russell

Dylan Allen

Jordan MacFadyen

Luke Henderson

Robbie Gray

Sam Elliot-Hook

Sunny Watson

William McPhillips

Aiden McCran

Arran Bacon

Calum Stratton

Jay Johnson

Josh Dunlop

Leo Cymber

Michael Forrester

Sam Kernaghan

Rory Malone

Aaron Thompson

Leon Pacione

Luis Rankine

Samuel Walker

Aaron Weatherhead

Alex Kelly

Callum Hall

David Campbell

Dylan Montgomery

Luke Duncan

Tyler Midgley

Brook Law

Hamish McNeil

Ross Baptie

Sam Mason

Samuel Martin

Samuel Torrance


Mr Chalmers


S1 students going to the Museum of Flight on the 24th April

Meet in the social area Tuesday 24th P1 at 9.10am. When you arrive in the social area, register with the teacher you have been assigned to. Please check the list outside Miss Thomson’s classroom. Remember to wear school uniform and bring a packed lunch!!


S3 Author Visit

The author John Young will be speaking to S3 pupils this morning during.

He is originally from Belfast and now lives near Edinburgh. A former lawyer, he helped found The Teapot Trust, a children’s art therapy charity, with his wife Laura. He was a Scottish Book Trust New Writer Award winner in 2013.

His latest novel ‘Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist’ is about a teenage boy from a Scottish island who sneaks off on a road trip with his delinquent friend, leaving behind the cancer medication that is prolonging his life.

Period 1 teachers will take S3 pupils to the hall at 9:20 where they will remain until break.

S4 – S6



Other Information