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Monday 5th June, 2017


Lunchtime Corridor Duty


Whole School Information



Exciting news for the school… there will be another FOODBANK collection this month!!

All items should be collected in registration classes beginning this Monday (5th June). This will run until the final collection date on Friday 23rd June.

However, there is a twist… the registration class that brings in the most items will be given a prize and will possibly be allowed to deliver the food to the Foodbank themselves on Monday 26th June (however, this is yet to be confirmed!).

The Foodbank is a fantastic help to our community- lets show them we support the work that they do by contributing to this collection. Thanks, Miss Wilson J

Sports Day – All Years

All of today’s PE classes should go to the Assembly Hall instead of PE. Your cover teacher will collect you from there.  Mark Urwin

Activities Week – Canteen

Anyone who is entitled to a free lunch and would like a packed lunch for their trip on activities week needs to order in the canteen before Friday 23rd June.

Barcelona Trip Meeting – Tonight

It is vital that everyone comes to the meeting tonight. Please bring your passports, EHICs, spending money and any medication to the meeting in the hall at 6pm on Monday.

Mrs Scott-Watson

USA trip – Meeting Wednesday Break

It is really important that you all attend a meeting on Wednesday at break in Mrs McNaughton’s room – please see me if you can’t manage

Year Group Information

S1 – S3

Junior Leaders – Tuesday 6th of June

Can all Junior Leaders who were involved in the S6 interviews please go to the Library P5 and P6 tomorrow. This is to attend the Head Boy and Head Girl presentations!






Other Information

Haddington Beauty Training Academy from the Maitlandfield House Hotel in Haddington.

During the school holidays I have put together some dates for Summer School Beauty Workshops £50 (3hours)

Workshops for Teenagers up to age of 17 years.

(Under 16 year olds can also attend however they must be accompanied by a parent)

​Class 1# Hair Design and own Hair-Up Tutorials

Gift Kit: Hair Pins, Kirbies, Velcro Rollers, Combs, setting spray and buns

The Workshop will cover:

*Demonstrations on how to curl the hair with straightners.

​*You will be shown how to set the hair with Velco rollers for ultimate

*Hair up demo number 1 including plaiting

​*Hair up demo Number 2

Dates: Sun 16th july,  mon 24th july.

​Class 2# Skin care Workshop

​Gift Kit: dermalogica cleanser & Toner, Facial sponges

​The workshop will cover:

​* Skin diagnoses this is how to recognise what skin type you are.

*Cleansing routine step by step using Dermalogica products.

​*How to look after your skin at home

​*How to make homemade masks from ingredients found in the home

Dates: Fri 14th 10am, fri 21st July 10am, mon 31st July 11am.

Class 3# Make-Up Masterclass (bring your own make-up)

​Gift Kit : Set of make-up brushes

The Masterclass will over:

​* Contouring and sculpting

​* Makeup brushes care.

​* Skin prep and Primers

​* Striplashes application demo

​* liquid eyeliner and smokey eye effect and more ….

​Dates: sat 15th July 1pm, sun 23rd July 11am, sat 12th Aug 2pm.

Under 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Parents can Contact me Paula Macdonald on 07711064228 for more details. Or my website