Advanced Higher Course

There are 3 areas in this course:

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Medical Ethics
  • Personal Research

Philosophy of Religion

Pupils will study arguments for the existence of God – the Cosmological Argument and the Design Argument.  They will look at the thinking of different philosophers to either support or reject the arguments.  Pupils will also study Atheism looking at the grounds for this and the criticisms of atheistic stances.

Medical Ethics

Pupils will study the beginning of life, the prolongation of life and the end of life identifying with issues such as embryo research, the allocation of organs and euthanasia.  They will study publications from the British Medical Association, different philosophers as well as church teachings.

Personal Research

Pupils will carry out independent research on an issue chosen from within the content of the Advanced Higher Course.  They will develop the investigative skills of planning, organising, analysis, evaluation and presentation of complex concepts and issues.  Pupils will submit a detailed proposal for a dissertation based on their personal research.

To gain the award, pupils must pass all 3 unit assessments as well as the external assessment which consists of a dissertation (4,000 words) worth 40 marks and an external exam (2 questions worth 30 marks each – one from Philosophy of Religion and the other from Medical Ethics).

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