Core S1-S4


All core classes have been developed in accordance with Curriculum for Excellence and allow pupils to develop all kinds of transferable skills. We aim to give pupils a positive experience of RME and to allow pupils to develop skills for life, skills for learning and skills for work. Another aim of these courses is to allow pupils to evolve into compassionate, respectful and confident individuals who can share their own opinions with others.



S1 pupils examine the beliefs of religious and non-religious people and this allows them to reflect on their own beliefs and values. We ask that pupils show respect for all beliefs even if they don’t agree with these. They also explore Christianity, Islamophobia, questions surrounding life after death and the origins of the Universe and we conclude by introducing pupils to the religion/philosophy of Buddhism or the religion of Sikhism. Pupils will also take part in the project inspire/Aspire in Feb/March.



S2 pupils examine the ultimate question: Why is there suffering? In doing so they examine beliefs form all religious and non-religious angles. They will focus on issues surrounding respect, prejudice, discrimination and this course concludes by examining The Holocaust. Pupils will also examine the universal rule ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’ and whether or not people follow this in the modern world.



S3 pupils examine environmental issues,  issues surrounding poverty on a local, national and global scale and also Crime and punishment including the arguments for and against Capital Punishment. They will look at religious and non-religious viewpoints as well as giving their own opinions on these topics.



S4 pupils explore justice in the world and will focus on justice, human rights, Apartheid, American civil rights and the Rwandan conflict of the 90’s. This topic may change in 2015/16.



Pupils in S1-S3 core classes have, in the last few years, taken part in Inspire/Aspire, the Stevenson prize and Moderators Medal. Students have been very successful in the past with national winners and runners up in all 3. Lets hope we can keep it up!





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