Higher RMPS course

This course is split into three topics and also includes an assignment that must be produced under exam conditions.

The three areas of study are:

  • World Religion – Buddhism
  • Morality and Belief – Religion and Justice
  • Religious and Philosophical Questions – The Origins of Life

Buddhism – Pupils will look and the beliefs, practices and sources linked with Buddhism and how they are related and interconnected. Pupils will also study the impact and significance of religious sources, beliefs and practices on the lives of followers and wider society.

Religion and Justice – Pupils will look at and be able to explain and apply key perspectives on moral decision-making.

  • Utilitarianism
  • Moral Relativism
  • Following divine command/religious authority

Pupils will also study the moral issue of justice examining causes of crime, reasons for punishment, approaches to Capital Punishment, sentencing in the UK and the effectiveness of both Capital Punishment and UK sentencing.

The Origins of Life – Pupils will examine the philosophical question, what are the origins of life? They will respond to this question by looking at the following:

  • Role of a creator
  • Distinction between literal and metaphorical interpretations of creation stories
  • The Big Bang and evolution
  • Perspectives on the compatibility between reason (science) and faith (religion).

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