Head Teacher Welcome

Artist's impression of WLC's Rosehill High School

Gail Preston in hard hat on construction site
Gail Preston

Welcome to Rosehill High School, on the Wallyford Learning Campus!

It is my absolute privilege to have been trusted to develop and nurture a brand new learning community.

As you can see from the photograph, we are building something very significant together- in every sense. The site is on an epic scale, but a great school is about much more than the building itself.

From August 2023, this will be the place where our young people come each day to grow and thrive. To that end, all of the decisions I am making as your Head Teacher are based on supporting the safety, wellbeing, and inclusion of all.

There are lots of opportunities for parents and pupils to get involved, which are being communicated through their current schools. You can also keep up to date by following our Twitter updates @RosehillHS.

Just like the school itself, this website in under ongoing construction. Please bear with us whilst we continue to do this work. The weekly HT update is published each Friday, summarising our most recent activities and providing links to key content.

With warmest regards,

Ms Gail Preston
Head Teacher