Head Teacher Update 28/10/22

As a teacher, I am used to things ‘stopping’ during the holidays. Of course, we will often end up doing some work at home, but we return to school and find it pretty much as we left it. Not so with this project. I returned from the autumn break to once again be hugely impressed at how many people are working so hard to ensure success. Most importantly, we will soon be in a position to advertise posts to join the Senior Leadership Team, which will allow us to make big moves forward in terms of finalising a curriculum structure, transition arrangements and so on.

It was a genuine pleasure to meet with parents for the first of our engagement sessions. Our theme was ‘Our school’s purpose’, and there were some great responses on the question of what makes a good school, such as:

  • Excellence is not just about the academic side but about what is best for each pupil
  • A focus on a curriculum that is enjoyable and appeals to young people
  • The opportunity to build strong relationships with both peers and staff

The second session, ‘Our school community’ will be hosted by Wallyford Primary, from 5pm-6pm on the 7th November. Parents and carers of future Wallyford Learning Campus pupils can email wlctransitions@edubuzz.org if they would like to book a space.

We are also now on Twitter. Please follow @WallyfordLC for official updates on the school’s development.

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