Head Teacher Update

It’s been a very busy week of recruitment, and we now have preferred candidates for all but one of our Curriculum Leader posts (and we’re nearly there with the last one!). I will share more information about the newest members of the team immediately after the February break, as it’s important they have the chance to share their news with their own school communities first. It has been an absolute privilege to spend the week listening (really listening, with a total focus that can be hard to achieve sometimes day to day), to teacher leaders from across Scotland. The commitment to, ambition for, and enthusiasm about our young people and this project have been, in all honestly, quite humbling. I am very fortunate. We are very fortunate.

Another important piece of work which has been undertaken this week is the personalisation and choice process for MGS pupils who will be starting S3 with us. Thanks go to Mr Valentine and the team at MGS for the time spent supporting young people and their families in exploring the Personal Pathways and what these mean for them in terms of providing a meaningful culmination of their Broad General Education and linking into their future senior phase. MGS parents can contact the WLCTransitions@edubuzz.org email address if they have any remaining queries, and Mr. Valentine will pick these up. He reported that by far the most common word used by young people was to describe how they were feeling right now was ‘Excited!’, with ‘BUZZING!’ also worth an honourable mention.

Of course, we also recognise that some young people will be feeling a real mix of emotions, including some nervousness or worry. We have been working hard to further shape the transition plan for the summer term with our partner schools, and will be in a position to share the details behind this by early March. We are so looking forward to having time to spend with our young people exploring our shared ways of being at the campus.

I’d also like to draw your attention to our next Parent Engagement opportunity. We will be hosting a ‘Meet the Senior Leadership Team’ Google Meet from 7pm-8pm on Thursday 16th March. Young people are also welcome to ‘attend’. This is a chance to start put faces to names, and to learn a little bit more about our roles. If you have particular topics you would like us to cover or questions you would like us to answer, these should be submitted in advance to WLCTransitions@edubuzz.org with the title ‘Meet the SLT’. To allow time for full responses to be considered, please submit these by close of business on Tuesday 14th March.

Video call link for 7pm on Thursday 16th March: Meet the SLT

We will also be providing some in person opportunities in May and June- more to come on that in the next few weeks.

Thanks go to all in our school community who completed our school dress code survey, which gathered well over 100 individual responses from parents/carers, and almost 100 from our young people. It was actually very encouraging to see a lot of agreement between the groups!

The summary comments on the survey can be accesses here: Dress Code Summary Data

Once we have done the remaining work on the school crest (it’s coming!), we will pull all of this guidance together for ease of reference. We will also discuss all of this further in the transition programme.

I do hope that you are all able to enjoy some family time over the February break.


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