Head Teacher Update 10/03/23

It was wonderful to be able to officially welcome Mr Neil Valentine to the team this week. Our SLT office is starting to fill up nicely, and we even need to get some sort of milk rota organised! Mr Valentine will be focusing on the following key areas in the coming weeks:

  • Completing S3 Personal Pathways work (our projected roll has increased over the last couple of weeks)
  • Planning for enhanced transition for those P7 mainstream pupils who would benefit from this
  • Organising pupils in all year groups into Houses and classes (form class, practical class and homeroom class)
  • Liaising with MGS to further develop plans for transition into S2 and S3
  • Linking up with families and professionals to support young people who currently benefit from regular Child’s Planning Meetings

Planning for P7 transition is well underway with a series of key dates agreed with our partner primaries. The summary schedule can be accessed here: Rosehill P7-S1 Transition Plan (Universal)

We will provide a detailed secondary transition plan as soon as we can. This can only be done in line with MGS timetable construction, which is ongoing at present. However, we do know that it will be based on Rosehill staff visiting MGS on Monday and Friday mornings throughout June, to work directly with our new pupils.

Mrs Sarah Fleming is leading on transition for pupils coming to The Brae and will be involved in the relevant CPMs scheduled after her 17th April start date.

Transition has also involved the support of Morrison Construction, and it was great to chat with some of the P7 pupils who have already had the chance to visit the WLC site, thanks to the organisation of our partner primaries. Our thanks also go to the Morrison Team for facilitating this. There was a lot of excitement on the faces of our young people as the move begins to feel a bit more ‘real’.

With regards to staffing and recruitment, this is a particularly busy time. Following a successful job matching process within ELC, we now have our two House Heads identified. Ms Julie McCabe and Mrs Michelle Yeoman are both currently at Ross High School, and have worked in Pupil Support roles for a number of years. Our House Heads will have overall responsibility for the pastoral, vocational and curricular needs of our young people, and are a vital part of our leadership structure. They will be supported by Pupil Support Workers, the likely first point of contact between school and home. We are still working on start dates, but will update you as soon as possible.

Our national adverts have had an unprecedented level of interest, with literally hundreds of applications received for our most recent batch of posts. Interviews for many of our class teachers and some of our support roles will be taking place over the next couple of weeks, and I look forward to sharing the results of these as appropriate.

This means that I won’t be quite so available on the end of an email, so please bear with me! On the subject of communication, we now have a (virtual) ‘school office’ address: admin@rosehill.elcschool.org.uk We will still keep an eye on the WLCTransitions account, but the Rosehill email should pick things up a little quicker. Please keep in mind that we are still only 3 people in total, for a projected school roll of well over 300- we will always get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you to everyone who has voted for their favourite school emblem, and their preferred House names. I don’t take the level of interest and support for granted. These will stay open until the end of today (see last week’s updates for the links), and the results will be shared next week.

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