Head Teacher Update 26/05/23

It’s a hugely busy time with regards to our school building, as we head towards the June handover period and ensuring everything is operational ahead of our August opening. We talk about the value of partnership working all the time in education, but never has it been so apparent just how many people are pulling together to ensure the successful completion of this huge project. You will have noticed that much of the building looks ‘finished’ but it’s now all in the details to ensure we have a smooth and successful start.

One simple example of partnership is the ongoing work of the ELC catering team in ensuring that young people have access to a full school meals menu that meets all required nutritional standards. For info, the standard ELC menu and associated nutritional standards are available here:

ELC Secondary School Menu

Nutritional Standards

It’s worth considering now what your young person plans to do for lunch. There are no accessible options for food around the campus, so this means a packed lunch or school lunch, which must be consumed in the food court. We will of course ensure that young people still have access to outdoor space for fresh air and exercise as appropriate. I’ll be meeting with some of our pupils to discuss the (very important!) topic of food and any questions they may have.

Young people will use their NEC cards to pay for anything in the food court, and will also need these cards to access the building both in the morning and throughout the school day. Our records show that almost all pupils have these already, and we are working through the process of contacting those who don’t. However, please get in touch with the admin team admin@rosehill.elcschool.org.uk if there are any issues around this.

Transition work is ongoing with our catchment primaries and Mr Valentine and Mrs Lock have now booked sessions with those coming from out of catchment. Please remember, whichever primary they are coming from, your child remains a pupil of their current school and all communication regarding these arrangements comes via them.

A link to the most recent assemblies at Wallyford and Pinkie (led by Mrs Stewart-Young and Mr Valentine) is available here:

P7 Assembly (2)

Our MGS transition visits begin on the 5th of June and will take place on Monday and Friday mornings throughout the month. As part of this, all young people joining us from MGS will have received information about their new form class this week. This has to go out to secondary pupils earlier than primary pupils, in order to support timetabling arrangements at MGS. Mrs Stewart Young is currently finalising the timetable, and we will be able to confirm S3 Personal Pathways soon. Information on S1 classes will be shared before the end of term.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Welcome Evening this week. It was a real pleasure to see families from across a full range of schools and to give a taste of some of the activities that happen in today’s classrooms. A particular highlight was watching so many of our parents pick up the ukulele for the first time! Huge thanks go to both our staff for volunteering their time and to Wallyford Primary for hosting us. We’ll post the presentations from the evening on the website Transitions page over the next few days. There’s also a link here on ordering any dress code items. Those ordered before the 9th July are guaranteed to be delivered before the start of term:

Dress Code Ordering

An evaluation of the event will be emailed out to all attendees. We’d really appreciate your feedback.

There have been a few queries coming in regarding the provisional ‘twilight tours’ for families in June. Please be mindful that these can only be confirmed within the bigger picture of the handover. We’ll get info to you as soon as we can, but can only do this in alignment with allowing snagging work to take place. Our top priority has to be ensuring that the building is ready, and we don’t want to get in anyone’s way!

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