HT Update 17/08/23

It’s been a big, busy week at Rosehill and there’s been a lot of new information to take in and new people and places to get to know.

We had two hugely positive staff Welcome Days on Monday and Tuesday, covering everything related to The Rosehill Way. Topics included our vision, values, improvement priorities, and approaches to learning and teaching. We also talked about the value in the contributions that parents and young people have already made in establishing school ethos and identity, even before the school was open.

We are now able to take the next step in terms of ongoing parental engagement. Over the course of the next week, you will receive a letter with two invitations. The first will be to a Parent Council Information evening at 7pm on the 31st of August, so you may wish to make a note in your diary now. The second invitation will be to register our Parent Engagement Group. This was a really positive addition towards the end of last session and we are keen to over those more informal opportunities to all.

Our young people arrived looking absolutely fabulous on Wednesday morning. Their kindness and courtesy in entering the building was noted by all staff. They spent the first part of their day in their homerooms, and have been spending the rest of the week getting to know each other, visiting faculties, and having input from the House Teams on supporting their health and wellbeing. I am very much looking forward to making my first fantastic Friday calls at the end of the week.

We have faced a number of technical challenges, as is always to be expected when moving into a brand new facility. This slightly delayed our distribution of pupil Chromebooks, though these will still be ready for learning next week. It has also meant that, although we planned to distribute timetables during Friday, we will need to hold these until Monday morning. Please reassure your child not to worry about PE kit! They should come as they are and the department will adjust their planning accordingly. We thank you and your young people for your patience whilst we manage these operational challenges.

I also want to acknowledge the extent to which all of our staff have gone over and above in so many different ways. They have been a positive, welcoming presence for our young people and really showed off their improvisation skills in terms of dealing with the inevitable challenges of working in a brand-new building. They are quickly getting to know over 300 young people and already working out the best ways to support their learning and wellbeing. As always, if there’s anything you think we need to know about your child (you are the expert, after all!) please don’t hesitate to contact the House Teams.

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