Getting started on Pupil 5 A Day

5 a day is a universal pupil voice offer in which all young people are able to participate over the course of the school year.

On a weekly basis, members of the senior leadership team select 5 pupils at random and have a short one to one meeting with each to listen to their feedback on how well the school is supporting their wellbeing and learning.

To give an example of the feedback generated, our first topic was ‘First Impressions of Rosehill High School’. The young people shared some lovely reflections, including:

  • I thought it would be hard in a big building but I can find my way around easily
  • The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly
  • I have managed to make new friends already

Pupils also shared favourite aspects of learning, including; exploring maths anxiety, team games in outdoor learning, and learning about real life in social subjects.

We will continue to share some of our pupil feedback throughout the year. However, young people don’t need to wait to be asked! If they have any comments or suggestions about how we can keep developing as a community, they can share these with House Teams at any time.

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