The Broad General Education: Curriculum Rationale

Please note that this is a draft document that will continue to be developed with the DHT Curriculum and the wider school community. You may find it helpful to read this before looking at any of the draft timetables.

Draft Timetable S1

Draft Timetable S2

The S3 Draft Timetable should be read in conjunction with the information sheet below. Please note that this Draft Timetable is for a young person who has chosen Personal Pathways in STEM, and in Sport and Health. A range of other options is available.

S3 Personal Pathways Information Sheet

Draft Timetable S3

Further information on the selection of Personal Pathways for those moving from S2 into S3 will be provided in February 2023.

A curriculum rationale for the senior phase will be developed through a consultative process early in session 2023-24.